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It snowed for the first time  yesterday in Wuhan China, but that is not a milestone in itself. What is more surprising than the snow is that it came in November and not December. This is a first in the history in China. I apologize, I brought the Canadian winter with me... oops!

Unfortunately the Wuhan locals don't believe in keeping warm or heaters of any kind as lately I have been freezing 24/7. I go to work and wear everything i came to work in. I also go to bed in what I want to wear to work the next day (3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, 3-4 sweaters) so when i get up at 6:30am for work I won't freeze before i even step back out into the cold.

I did finally fix the bathroom window by taping up plastic protect cardboard and plastic in the window. Someone had done a poor job in sealing the window so the cold wind would just blow into our house. That doesn't happen anymore. I suppose I should count myself lucky though because Craig's upstairs neighbour had his whole window fall out at night due to a bad wind storm. No worries mom, Wei and I don't live in a very old building run with cockroaches; we didn't let the school pick a house for us.

I really wish i could train my co-workers to shut doors around here and not leave the windows open. I think they like being human popcicles really!

All in all though, it's not so bad. I get to have snowball fights, i get to look forward to slipping into bed with Wei (my personal heater) and I now will look forward to those hot temperatures of 30 degrees!

I understand now why an umbrella is such an important article in Chinese history and in teh families of today. They use it to block the sun off them, to protect against strong winds, to keep dry from the rain and to protect against the falling snow. We westerners shouldn't be so wasteful by storing ours away until it rains.

Well, it's back to work again. At least the classrooms are warm so no matter how crappy the lesson =she= has schedualed me, or how boring, or how long.. it is a nice break to be back in a heated classroom; if only a little warmer than outside.

RedCat Firsts:
~ Snowfall in China
~ Using an umbrella to protect against the falling snow
~ Being this cold for so long
~ Not using a heater in the winter

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