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Mm fruit salad. Not what I expected to have with candy and some kind of sauce on it. The watermelon was nice, the banana ok, but the sauce ruined it for me.

It was simply wonderful waking up next to Wei, in fact I awoke at about 6am in the morning. I NEVER wake that early, but this time I did and after staring back into her big brown eyes I realized I couldn’t go back to sleep; I just wanted to hold her close. Next came the shower though, the flicking of Chinese channels to find the news is the only English program and the tossing and keeping of items. We had to leave by 12pm so we literally went “drop it, keep it, drop it” with our stuff since we wanted as little as possible. 5 suitcases and 2 bags later Wei’s friend Daniel came over to help us carry it over to Ting Ting’s place, another friend, which wasn’t too far.

It was very kind of her as we were able to leave the bags there when we went out for some Peking duck and able to lie on her bed and watch movies when we relaxed.

In our hotel room in Beijing. You can see through the glass hiding the bathroom still! Very nice looking though.
Eating Peking duck, let me just say DELICIOUS! Once I learned the set-up I was not too bad with my chopsticks. Actually, I have tried some difficult food since this time and impressed many Chinese with the ease in which I use them. Alas though, this one is not perfect. Once again I made Wei smile with my antics, my tiny mouth, and unusually small appetite. I don’ know if you know, but the Chinese eat a lot, A LOT. Wei could eat for about four of me and her friends and relatives are not much different. We gave the leftovers to her friend Daniel who eats everything; even the seaweed we had in the hotel the day before. Since we would be leaving for Wuhan that evening we decided to relax at Ting Ting’s and watch movies after another meal we had in the day. Since the night before was American Pie Beta, this time we watched a chick flick that both of us slept through ^.^; I didn’t mind though, I was tired and kind of shy from all the smiles and comments about me being pretty so it was a nice breather.

Time rolled by however, and soon enough it was time for us to head to the train station and take my very first train ride to none other than Wuhan China! The train station is HUGE and not even the biggest. The cab drivers are crazy. Actually, driving in China is just plain insane and I quickly came to realize near to no one buckles up. Only Ike, now that I think about it. Odd, since you would think they would want to when accidents are just around the corner, literally. We hopped out, paid someone to carry our luggage for us (more money because he saw that I was a foreigner. Least he could do was cut us a break after saying I was pretty) said goodbye to Ting Ting (thanks for helping us!) and paid VIP to the train. Basically, someone took our luggage for us, loaded it in our tiny bunk area and we got to bypass the line ups.

Wei gave me the choice of bottom or middle bunk, I chose bottom of course because I didn’t think myself crafty enough to get up one. It had the most head space so we just cuddled down there until bedtime. We met an elderly woman from Wuhan who had been living in Beijing for 15 years. Wei and her spoke Wuhan dialect to each other; I was filled in here and there on the conversation but I mostly relaxed. Then a 28 year old (who did not look it!) told us he was getting married and showed us a picture of his baby son. So cute! I slept the rest of the trip which ran from 8:30pm to 7am and it was the best sleep I had had in two days!

bound4home says:
Interesting trip Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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Mm fruit salad. Not what I expecte…
Mm fruit salad. Not what I expect…
In our hotel room in Beijing. You …
In our hotel room in Beijing. You…
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