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I couldn't believe it, why just this morning as i was getting on the ever crowded, ever popular bus 712 to work where normally people push and shove to get on first for a seat I saw a truly shocking scene to me. Normally it's no big deal, I wait or squeeze myself in somehow. Well, Everyone agrees that middle aged men here are the worst on busses. They push and shove, they fight and jump long lengths to steal a seat away from anyone, women both young and old, children, you name it. They see only themselves and everyone as an obstacle I guess. I mean literally, they will push and weaseal into a seat meant for you! I've seen some pretty advanced manuevering moves. Anyways, as I was waiting in line, or the "mob", one middle aged man american football tackled the other guy right out of the position of boarding the bus next, which prompted shouts, groaning from everyone who went flying from that blow and me left astounded at the mannerism shown here! I mean, my little nephew is five years old and he would NEVER dream of behaving like this. I wanted to say "Omg, you're grown men, get a life it's just a bus trip!!!" But it's a battlefield out here for a seat. People will kill for that seat I am starting to think.

Why, just yesterday while everyone was getting off at the stop before mine, a very popular stop for the shopping mall there, i waited to take a seat which i wasn't really going to take in the first place but this man like, did some crazy dive and stole the seat I was just about to sit in and then prompted me to take the seat he left vacant beside him. Yep you guessed it, middle aged man again. He seriously came flying out of nowhere! Anyways, i took the seat but when I saw a woman boarding with many large bags i tapped her shoulder and gave her my seat. After all, it won't kill me to stand, especially for one more stop. But some of these men, you'd never know. They take these seats from all angles, all people, as if their life depended on it.

So my advice for you if you find yourself in China and having to ride a bus. Beware the Middle aged Chinese man. You can spot them because they are selfish, move at lightning speed, bend at weird angles and at no time have any mannerisms that even a five year old western boy might have. They tend to want your potential seat and will get it all any cost; maybe even if it requires sitting on you. So count yourself here on out warned.

As for me, I'm praying there are no seats to contend with when I bus it home. I really don't need a black eye or bruised body over a stupid seat on the bus.

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photo by: FK27