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Lu and I at my place

Today I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, quite literally. I have never seen such a fifthly kitchen until this day. I thought no big deal right? I could get this place cleaned up in no time.. until I discovered the mold and filth clinging to the countertops that not even vinegar could ease my soul into thinking it was clean.  I used about 85% of the vinegar bottle, countless clothes I later tossed and a whole lot of hard work and elbow grease. But finally, I got that kitchen so clean it sparkled and didn’t even stink anymore! What an accomplishment it was! Until I realized the whole day had been spent on this one task. Guess the place was going to wait on yet another day.

Because of this, when my friend Lu came to visit me the place was still a mess.

Victory! Wei doing laundry
Clothes in opened suitcases piled in the spare bedroom, the bed unmade, the floor not swept or moped. The table with newspaper stuck to it and it just spoke of an un-kept place. We had met not far from where I lived, her mother and Wei were with us. We ordered some cooked rice, ate and then headed back to my place. However, her mother was anxious to get home and I couldn’t even offer them a drink with us having no cups! How embarrassing. So I promised next time would be better, I would invite her over when the place was in order.

Later in the day I reached one of my first real accomplishments with Wei’s and my relationship. For the very first time I got her to clean up after herself and help with chores! She fought it, bit at the bit and chewed at the request but she did it; albeit a little angrily. “I never did this for my previous girlfriends you know.

Victory! Wei figuring out the washing machine
I really love you or I wouldn’t do it.” I know Teddy Bear, I know. You’re just so darn cute when you’re angry.

I wish the night had been as victorious. While I did take out three mosquitoes I did have some casualties, like my poor cheek that one of those darn things crash landed into. Wei and I call them Asian mosquitoes because they are faster, better fliers and pull out some crafty dodging moves in the air. These things WAIT to attack. They’re clearly much more superior than their western counterparts; thus I have grown a huge disliking for the Asian mosquito.

RedCat Firsts:
~ Having Lu over
~ Meeting Lu's mom
~ Cleaning a kitchen top to bottom
~ Killing 3 mosquitoes before bed
~ Making Wei clean up after herself

bound4home says:
Sounds like you are a great hunter and those mosquitos should be ware. LOL
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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Lu and I at my place
Lu and I at my place
Victory! Wei doing laundry
Victory! Wei doing laundry
Victory! Wei figuring out the wash…
Victory! Wei figuring out the was…
photo by: FK27