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Today I am sick, quite sick. Sick enough that I called off work because I really couldn’t go in to teach today. Last night was a bit of a shock and nothing short of a nightmare. I had gone in for work which started at 9am and thanks to a hot tempered man and a quick to anger bus driver the bus did not move for several minutes; making me late for my first class. This was followed by the cancelling of three classes in a row; which was great except I had all this time to myself to do nothing with. When it did come to teaching I was thrilled that the day was nearly over and 5pm would be approaching soon in which I would take a bus home. No.


No those dreams were shattered when I offered to help a colleague and they said I must work tonight as well, until 8pm. I am sure the colour drained from my face, the joy from my heart. You see, I had been fighting a cold and winning though a headache and lack of sleep had been determined to bring me down this day. Well, the cold won. By 6:30pm I had very little voice to teach in, my runny nose had worsened and by 8pm I could barely dismiss my students as my voice began to wane and I had taken to coughing a dry hacking cough. Purely miserable. By the time I came home it was all I could do to shower off the heat of the day, shovel in some dumplings to stop the ache within my stomach and pass out on the bed. Every inch of me ached, every part of my head pounded and the only thing putting me out of my misery was the need in which my body had to have sleep. Still, it was a restless and late night. I had no choice, the school had succeeded in wearing down their only English teacher and the head cold had defeated me through settling deep in my chest. So today I am sick.


It is not all evil and miserable though, and in fact this is the last thing I focus on. I still remember walking out of the kindergarten at night, the way the music plays and everything comes to life at night in China. I remember walking through the darkened park, past the rollerblading kids to where I searched the crowd and saw her. Wei. Wei coming towards me with some food in one hand and a pink sheep balloon in the other; embracing me in her arms. That is what keeps me going. Knowing I have her to go home to, that when I am sick she will care for me or that she knows how to do those little things that matter to me; this alone makes even the worst of days better.



Red Cat Firsts:

~ Being late for my class
~ Having three classes cancelled

~ Working 12 hours in one day as an English teacher
~ Being given a sheep character balloon

~ Eating two containers of dumplings to myself

~ Losing my voice while teaching
~ Being very sick in China

bound4home says:
Get well soon eh
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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