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The quilt mama and nai nai made for Wei and i, see how big it is?

Wei is in Hong Kong once again and I miss her like crazy. However this time is a little different. I am not alone in the house, I have our dog Coffee and while she is a handful it is nice to have something to talk to and fuss about or train to pass the time. Often while I type here she is curled up at my side sleeping. It's rather cute. While I miss Wei, I am at peace and though bored and a little lonely I still find a way to get excited and enjoy the day at hand; at least making money and keeping busy. I only cried once and those were happy tears as I read the note Wei had left me as she left before I arrived home from work. "You asked me about my dreams and I've thought about them a lot. I think I really want to have a family with you." I've always dreamed we would have one, a child or two and the both of us but I knew Wei wasn't much for it so I let it be (about the kids that is).

It covers our whole bed and then some!
Anyways, once again she surprises me.

Wei's a hard one to read. She will come across as strong and untouchable but the truth is, she's human. Sometimes she cries, especially when she has to leave me to go do interviews in Hong Kong. Sometimes I have to be the rock holding us up. Sometimes I think one thing and it isnt so, like how she did other jobs online to earn enough money to support herself in Hong Kong and even buy me gifts when I was expecting to be giving her money for it. Or like how she saved all the change she had and in the end gave me a lot of bus fare so I wouldn't have to worry when she wasn't here. See? She's thoughtful like that. Wei just knows, knows what I need or want and I don't even have to say it half the time.

Anyways, it's Christmas and I am here alone because Wei is in Hong Kong, the Shea's are back in India and my parents are in Canada.

And mama even picked out some words fruas a couple. I am starting to feel like Wei and I really are.
I had to work a half day to make up for being sick one half day. It turns out the medication I was on was making me sick to the point of feeling sick to my stomach, headache and nearly too weak to get out of bed. Honestly, that's scary. Once I stopped the pills I was instantly better. I don't mind being alone for Christmas though because Wei and I will welcome in the New Year together and this is VERY important to me. A new life, together, in the New Year.

As I said, it's not too bad. Wei's mom is just the sweetest woman ever. She had been planning this for awhile and via text message on Christmas Eve sent me in Chinese: Sheng dan kuai le! From your Chinese mother. Which basically means "Merry Christmas." She didn't know the actual day is today but you know what? That's ok.

These paintings were done on my request, right in front of me by an elderly man selling his talent on the side of the street.
It's okay because I think Wei and I are very lucky to have such caring and considerate parents. Parents who not only accept our international love and union, but acept that we are two women who love each other. There are parents who can't accept their sons or daughters marrying country or city kids, let alone another nationality or same gender! We are so fortunate.

Wei and I are also fortunate that our parents lend a helping hand, that our whole families do this. My aunts and grandma not only offer financial support but they knit us socks, face clothes and send us lovely letters (my friends send lovely letters too!). My mother and father have sent me many things from home that make my life easier here, and their calls always brighten my day.

The paintings are of the 12 animal signs in China and all of these only cost 30RMB, about 6 Canadian Dollars.
Wei's mother had a tailor make us a custom fit quilt cover and her grandmother actually made the quilt for us which is not only beautiful but bigger and warmer. We've had many a good sleeps since getting it.  Her aunt took us in when we were homeless, her parents bought all new stuff for Wei's old room in their house for when we come for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) which includes a new bed, book shelf, flooring etc. and has even booked for Wei and I to have our own bathhouse room to shower and steam in! They are also holding off buying a new house so they can help support Wei as she does her schooling in Hong Kong, which in turn is to go to work in my country while I get my schooling.

So while this may be a dry read to many of you, I had to write all this.

The Ox as one of my favourite's and Wei's animal sign.
I had to share it. I had to show all the wonderful things that Wei and I have had happen to us in this past year for a New Year is almost upon us. I had to thank all the wonderful people who have made our life easier, more wonderful or have just let me know I am not alone or without support of some kind. You all know who you are and when I do come home I can't wait to share the joy I have kept here all along.

Wei calls me everyday so far. She's called about four times now already and I don't mind. It's more than I expected and it brightens up my day. That's why I went out shopping even though I thought maybe I should wait. I am glad I didn't, for I didn't know what to buy Wei for a New Year gift until just recently. As I was walking along the street where people sell stuff on a blanket I came across an elderly man and woman who displayed strips of paintings done by him.

Lastly, with some help from others we got him to write both Wei's and my Chinese names. This is her New Year's gift from me. Each picture is a character and reads: 周夏周微
I don't know why I ran into two English speaking Chinese women (their English was quite good) but I did and it was the perfect timing. With their help I bought paintings of all 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. In total, it took about a hour or so to stand and wait for the man to finish, but he painted all 12 animal signs for me right there and then efore my eyes and the eyes of many who stopped to watch him. The last piece of work I asked for was for Wei, her New Year gift. It is our Chinese names in the form of a picture. I have never seen anything like it in my life and he did this with such ease, that elderly man. He just painted like the art was a part of him. After doing all that for me (which only cost a total of 30RMB! About 6 Canadian Dollars) the couple left. I guess it was late and he made more money than planned or something so.. but it was so worth it and now Wei and I have something to frame and put up in our future homes, something that we will take into the New Year together.

Well, that's all for now. I am positive there will be more. So..

Sheng dan kuai le (Merry Christmas) and a Happy New Year!

sylviandavid says:
sounds like a pretty good day..... Coffee sounds like good company for you....
Posted on: Dec 25, 2009
huibdos says:
Merry Christmas, all of you!!
(your dutch uncle:)
Posted on: Dec 25, 2009
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The quilt mama and nai nai made fo…
The quilt mama and nai nai made f…
It covers our whole bed and then s…
It covers our whole bed and then …
And mama even picked out some word…
And mama even picked out some wor…
These paintings were done on my re…
These paintings were done on my r…
The paintings are of the 12 animal…
The paintings are of the 12 anima…
The Ox as one of my favourites an…
The Ox as one of my favourite's a…
Lastly, with some help from others…
Lastly, with some help from other…
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