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My decent bowl of Lanzhou beef noodle
I reached Lanzhou in the wee morning of ~6:30am. Guess i had a hardly time finding Bus 6 which was suppose to land me to my hostel in Lanzhou - I strolled for nearly 1/2hr for the bus stop.. which i later discovered the bus terminal was just besides Lanzhou train station. Sometimes things have to be learnt through that hard way!

I reached the hostel at close to 8am and guess what, the doors were still not opened for business. But it was indeed true, sunrise timing was  also much later. The sky was still dark. and i was told by the owner that most of the shops will start business only from 9am or 9:30am onwards.

The hostel was a far cry from the one I had in Xi'an. Though the environment was greeny & clean, there was no lockers nor bed light for me this time.
Youth Hostel in Lanzhou which focus on Eco
I can only have hot water bath after 11am, and toilet sanitary conditions were pretty bad.  Well, there is the only youth hostel in Lanzhou, so i guess I shan't complain much. Furthermore, Lanzhou hasn't been a craving tourist city either as compared to Chengdu or Xian etc.

Nevertheless, my immediate plan was to consider going to Dunhuang from Lanzhou. And also to make more enquiries regarding Lhasa tour package. Thus i hit the streets early hoping to get hold of some good Dunhuang or Lhasa local tour starting from Lanzhou. To my alarm, there were no local tours going due to the impending cold weather.
Lanzhou train station in the evening
And tour demands to Lhasa - zilch.

Worst, it seemed that most of the tour agencies were unfamiliar or well-versed in the Tibet entry permit procedures for foreigners. Guess i'm one of the very few that actually enquired them! And the most irony of all advises, was to actually apply from Shanghai agencies (where I came from) so that the process will be much quickier. Ha, i nearly fainted. After much serious thoughts, I decided i should just leave it to Hantang Inn to arrange for me. It's definitely way out of hand for me to handle personally considering the time left to the New Year..

Alright, I have also decided to make my call and head Dunhuang myself. It's the offpeak season and I was told by another tour agency i can just go on my own and get few other tourists to combine a jeep journey! Entrance fees and hotels are at its year lowest! A good draw for me isn't it?

Armed with Dunhuang train tickets, I'm all ready for my new destination again and awaiting more winter surprises ! My Tibet arrangement has also finally materialized with my money bankwired to the staff of Hantang.
My train tivket to Dunhuang finally
Finally i can put my heart at ease, and also that i have entrusted Hantang to assist me for my trip arrangement ,which i believe they will put the best thoughts for its customers.

Cost of the Day:
1. Hostel Room for 12hrs - 20rmb
2. Bus 6 Bus rides & Cab Rides - 3rmb + 30rmb
3. Lanzhou Beef Noodle Set - 6.8rmb
4. Overnight Hard-bed Train Tickets to Dunhuang & Back - 254rmb (upper deck) + 263rmb (middle deck)

Highlights of the Day in Lanzhou:
1. Admittedly, nothing except busy with my future trip preps.
2. Sprained my ankle in the morning, which nearly hampered my walks in Dunhuang! argh.
3. Ubiquitous spittings, an unprecedented high level i have ever encountered during my 4 years in China.  goodness.

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My decent bowl of Lanzhou beef noo…
My decent bowl of Lanzhou beef no…
Youth Hostel in Lanzhou which focu…
Youth Hostel in Lanzhou which foc…
Lanzhou train station in the eveni…
Lanzhou train station in the even…
My train tivket to Dunhuang finally
My train tivket to Dunhuang finally
Bag of mochi which was intended fo…
Bag of mochi which was intended f…
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