Silkroad D13: Exit Lhasa to Chongqing

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The view from plane while departing Tibet...
I finally have to bade goodbye to Tibet. Still holding to some regrets for not able to explore more of Tibet. I promised i will be back again next time and perhaps travel along Yunnan ! Another trip that i can look forward to, but a trip that I can leave China without much regrets,for now!

It was a very relaxing day. I was 'forced' to leave early. Perhaps too harsh a word =)  The Tibetan guides have the culture of ensuring that tourists reached the airport at LEAST 2 hours before departure time. It was a very early morning. I was suppose to be picked up by 730am but i delayed to 8am. Still i reached very early at the airport waiting for my plane to Chongqing! The journey from Lhasa city to Lhasa International Airport situated at Gonggar county requires about an hour of journey too.
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I think i was there at the airport by 9am.. So i finished my last few postcards and sent them off before i finally board on the plane.

My Flight to Chongqing from LHASA : Szechuan Airlines 3U8634 Departure : 1120am
Expected Arrival time at Chongqing was 1315

I am now eagerly looking forward to Chongqing, as i hoped to see Dazu cave cravings, another UNESCO site in Chongqing!! A superb reason why I chose Chonqing rather than Chengdu for my stopover. The other real reason was, I had been to Chengdu in 2004. So... Chongqing is definitely the good choice for me to stop by before heading back Shanghai!

I also understand from my tour guide that flights from Lhasa are never given discount fare, never in history - till the induction of Qingzang Railway! So he was telling me how lucky I was to get a 25% discount on my airfare.
Well, I told him openly, if i've booked at least a week beforehand, I might get 30% discount!  In fact it was pretty a nightmare for me to secure my air ticket just a day before. This trip has drained me off my savings in China,and I had to seek my local colleague help in e-payment for my airticket. Well,it turn out that her credit card transaction didnt get through and i was left panic yesterday. Thanks goodness another friend help saved my day!

By the way, direct flight from Lhasa to Shanghai is very expensive, costing to over 2.5k rmb above. My stopover to Chongqing then to Shanghai saves me at least 800rmb! What more to say, i get to enjoy another city! Viola!

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The view from plane while departin…
The view from plane while departi…
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Sichuan Airline Food Pack
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