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Dicos late lunch for me - not cheap i should say
When i reached back Lhasa city, it was near 4pm. I've instructed the driver to drop me at Bakhor street near to Jokhang Temple. Yes, I am back there again. I will miss the place since today was my last night in Lhasa. I wanted to get some last-minute souvenir shoppings, and defintely, Jokhang Square was worth the while for that.

Hmm,don't ask me why I went to Dicos for my lunch. It was quite a bad choice in fact. I wanted a decent place to sit down and scribble my postcards for sending out as well as have my late lunch. I would have gone New Mandala Restaurant, but i just went there yesterday. So, there i was in Dicos,a fastfood restaurant equivalent to KFC.  Having said that, there's arnt any fast-food restaurants too that I've seen in Lhasa.
The night street of Jokhang Square. Guarded by military soldiers still
I believe Dico is the only fastfood restaurant there.

Like any parents in the world, Tibetan families enjoy bringing their kids for a good treat of deep-fried chickens even if it is at the expense of their pockets! The price that I've paid and the food I've got, it's not any better value than that of New Mandala Restaurant!

The interesting highlight for the evening was my dinner. I happened to catch another decent Tibetan restaurant somewhere offskirt of Jokhang Square as I wanted to indulge myself considering it was my last night in Tibet. Too bad, I could not remember the name of the restaurant, but it was located on the 2nd floor and there's cinema in that building too!

First, I was badgered by a kid beggar for money with his usual blessing rantings. I told him straight off that I've no small change with me but yes, he was persistent.
The night food hawkers where i got my barbequed sticks
. Instead of giving cash this time, I passed over to my sticks of barbecued food to him instead. Suddenly there was some outburst of laughters from nearby Tibetans who saw this scene. Hahah.  Should I be amused ? =)

Next, I went into the restaurant ordering some of the local delights on their menu. Recounting back, i wondered if I asked the most stupidest questions cos I was really curious with the food name on the menu that the waitress blurted out in laughters, and asked me in return, "Ni bu zhe dao ma?" But she got speechless when i implored further cos the food has become part-of-parcel of their life that it seems simple enough beyond decriptions. I guess it is as good as asking, what is yak meat? heh

The situation got abit embarassing when the waitress signaled to her crew for better explanations for me, and nearby tables were hearing it.
Tsampa - A mouth full of powder
Oops. How I wished I could have something to hide me away.  So let me delve on the food asked which i came to know later :

糌粑 zān bā Tsampa - It is one of the staple food of Tibetan tribesman and very nutritious; made from powder of highland barley being roasted and grinded.  Yak butter, tea, and water are added into the bowl with Tsam-pa and then molded into lump by fingers when make preparation for meal serving. 

I guess i did not enjoy as i felt i was popping congulated flour into my mouth. I did not savour the taste of butter or tea, but there were defintely strong taste of cereal grains. i bet besides barley there are other grain ingredients.

In fact i was hesitating over the choice of noodle or tsampa but after hearing the explanation, from the table behind me, yes that embarrassing, i wanted to give it a try.
Rhodiola Beverage Drink - Tasty
No regrets though. It was really filling though despite that load of powder.. hah

Next, was beverage. The drink called Hong Jing Tian (红景天)-  Rhodiola Roots. It did turn out to be a very tasty canned drink. And I read it was suppose to be a healthy beverage, and yes, especially in Tibet as Rhodiola has great medical value for boosting oxygen supply. Not to mention, in fact, Rhodiola has its great importance in traditional Tibet med.

Read this exceptional values of Rhodia, the alternative to Ginseng, as well as termed as the 'god-gven' herb in history!

Rhodiola contains salidrosides, rhodosin, tyrosol, dendrolasin, safranal, 17 amino acids needed by the human body, of which 7 can not be synthesized in the body.
Some interesting decors in the restaurant
It also contains 21 trace elements, a number of vitamins and various volatile oils, alkaloid and flavones. These active elements are highly potent and play very important biological functions. It is one of the best gifts of nature that helps the body to adapt to different, especially to adverse environments with its adaptogenic and bi-directional modulating functions, discharging in case of excess and supplementing in case of inadequacy, thus keeping the body in biologically healthy and balanced condition. Modern research has confirmed its anti-radiation, anti-fatigue, anti-hypoxia, antioxidant, detoxifying and cardiotonic effects and the properties to eliminate stasis and accumulation, maintain normal blood pressure and promote natural healing. Other reported benefits include its ability to maintain the central nervous system and endocrine systems for better memory and endurance.
My final dinner meal in Tibet

By royal edict of Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722) of the Qing Dynasty, it was named the "God-given Herb" and it became an exclusive tribute to the royal court and the general public was strictly forbidden its use.

Well, I should say i really glad that i've a taste of Rhodia, though it was just a can of normal beverage! =)

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Dicos late lunch for me - not chea…
Dicos late lunch for me - not che…
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The night street of Jokhang Squar…
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Tsampa - A mouth full of powder
Tsampa - A mouth full of powder
Rhodiola Beverage Drink - Tasty
Rhodiola Beverage Drink - Tasty
Some interesting decors in the res…
Some interesting decors in the re…
My final dinner meal in Tibet
My final dinner meal in Tibet
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