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First of all, I would like to say that I don't mind delayed flights that much. Being late is as common in the Philippines as power outtages, but when you get caught in the middle of the storm mid-flight, then that's another story.

Our departure to Caticlan was supposed to be at 12.40 PM. It was already 10 minutes past the boarding time when they made us take the shuttle to the plane. Fine, no problem. Then, we waited another 20 minutes for the shuttle to move, when the airline crew finally had the decency to inform us that our flight would be delayed (like, duh) and that we should all go back to the terminal.

They formally announced that our new departure time would be 1.45 PM. Fine, whatever. But a bazillion years later, we were still waiting. A new announcement was made, and our new departure time became 2.30 PM. There also was another flight to Caticlan with the same schedule, and its passengers left ahead of us because their flight wasn't delayed. Like, wow. We should have booked that flight instead, and we would have paid less and left on time.

So, the passengers became more and more agitated. Some complained about missing important meetings/appointments. Some complained about hunger. To appease the crowd, they gave away free food! Like, Nissin cup noodles! Yaaay awesome! They totally made it up to us. 

New schedule given was 4.20 PM. This time, we boarded for real. They kept saying that our flight got delayed due to last-minute technical issues (whatever that means). In the end, we took another plane. Nothing to do but take a deep breath, because we can't turn back time. As long as we get to Caticlan, we're good.

So, flight went smoothly at first. It got gloomier while we were waiting at the airport, but it couldn't get any worse. But it did. Just when we were about to approach Caticlan, it started raining heavily, and as a result, the plane shook. Then, the pilot announced that the airport was closed due to zero visibility. Great! Now what? Yes, we had enough fuel to circle around the airport for about 25 minutes, so we did. With lots of major turbulence, too. I thought I was gonna throw up during the whole thing. Would have been the first time.

Our pilot gave up, eventually. Next best option was to land in Kalibo, which is about 2 hours away from Caticlan. We had to circle several times as well before we could land. We finally made it at past 6 PM, shaken, hungry, fuming, and thankful as well. I was tempted to kiss the earth, but it was raining.

All the trouble courtesy of Cebu Pacific Air, eff them very much. Peace.

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photo by: Deats