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i love my haircut :D

I arrived in Cebu City after a couple of hours. Making my way out of the busy wharf, I was greeted by another unwelcome sight - that of taxi drivers trying to vie for my business, a.k.a. rip me off with astronomical taxi fare. Wow, feels like home already! Of course, I easily warded them off with my best weapon - my middle finger. Kidding.

The road leading to my hostel was abuzz with people and cars, and it took me almost an hour to get there. I didn't mind it that much, though, for the people were there for the festival just like I was, and seeing them made me feel the festive mood somehow, despite being about an hour too late. I should have walked to my hostel as well, had I known it's just a straight line from the wharf. My friends were already checked in two days ago, so I just had to check in myself, take a shower, and look for them in the not-so-small city.

very late, but... lunch time yaaay!
 Piece of cake, for sure.  

Showered, number two-ed, changed. Now off to the best place in the world - the mall! Got myself a taxi to Ayala Center Cebu where I was supposed to meet up with the rest and fill my protesting stomach. However, according to them, they're still in the middle of a parade somewhere in the city, so I killed time roaming around the newly-improved mall (that looked a lot like Greenbelt). I wished to be in the thick of the action, but alas, I was too hungry for that. Food before, uhm, festival? Yeah, good enough for me. Off to McDonald's!

Fast-forward to around 4PM. Finally met Jenneth, Sarj, and Ted for a late lunch at some resto. Got a good look at what I missed through their cameras. If only they knew how much I wanted to rip off their cameras out of bitterness, they would have ripped off my limbs instead wehehehe.

Ted, Jay, Dennie, Evans, Sarj, Jenneth
Anyway, after lunch, we went out to the mini-park outside of the mall to admire the sight (the beautiful Cebuanos) while waiting for Dennie, a local TB we met before in Manila, and Evans, an American TB working as a teacher in China. Darkness fell upon us, and there they were. Now the group is complete! Time for picture-taking!

Alas, Jenneth and Sarj had to leave us to catch their flight back to Manila. Thus, I was left with Dennie and Evans. Jeez, I forgot what happened next, 'twas a long time ago. Will update this when I remember hehehe.

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i love my haircut :D
i love my haircut :D
very late, but... lunch time yaaay!
very late, but... lunch time yaaay!
Ted, Jay, Dennie, Evans, Sarj, Jen…
Ted, Jay, Dennie, Evans, Sarj, Je…
photo by: TravellinChic