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Playing cards on the bus
We left Valencia in the afternoon, at 16.00. The way to Barcelona took something like 4 hours. We played cards most of the time... if we were not playing i was looking at the world from the bus window and RJ... hm.. well, he was  - like every decent filipino - just sleeping:P
Wag kang mag-mad sa akin! Nagbibiro lang ako!!!... well not really ehehhe ;)

We arrived and... the lovely Barcelona was wet, wet, wet... i couldnt believe it was raining! How was that possible - i was escaping from the winter and hoping i will have sun, sun and nothing but sun in Spain (i knew it wouldnt be too warm but still i expected warmer and sunnier time) ... we got to the hostel and... the Bepression was even 'fuller' - it was not at all a nice hostel, it was more like black, cold hole! The hostel was a real deasaster! It's true it was located excellent but all in all i would preffer stay a bit farther from the city centre but in better conditions.
the only sunshine this day. No, not me - the metro map! :P ;))
This was not even the end of bad news... because the worst thing was the fact, that they had no heating! It was probably colder inside in our dark room than outside on the street! no kidding!
RJ was that bepressed, that he stopped talking... well there was still a tiny contact to the reality left, but it was less than sufficient to comunicate, the only words which he used to comunicate with the external world were "hmh" and "eh-eh" (well, that arent reall words, but at least he comunicated that he was agree or he refused something haahah) - i assumed it was because of the cold and rain... his throat was probably frozen, so he couldnt talk ... ;) -  this is the official statement and i will persist on this version! ;)))

btw. The word 'B-epression" is a new word, there is no bad spelling or type-error, it should begin with the "B".
Pl. Colom

Bepression is worse than the regular depression, and Bepression makes that bad Impression that everyone is feeling Pression, and he's feeling that bad, that no Expression could describe how bad it is. ;)))

Anyways, we went out of the horrible hostel and walked a bit, along the Ramblas - up the hill and then down the hill untill we arrived at the Colom and then to the port. It's this part between Barceloneta and Colom, pretty nice, with boats and stuff - paradise for sailors;). Then it stopped raining but there were almost no people on the streets. It was kinda late and we were tired so we got back to the 'cold hole' and tryed to sleep... but it was hard, coz it was coooooold!:/

mikevirgo0824 says:
nice! looks like your plans are coming along.
let me know your itinerary.
if it fits my sched can i join you guys in vietnam (hanoi/halong bay) if ever?
Apat na buwan na lang!! :-)
Posted on: Jan 30, 2009
jegs76 says:
ahhahaha! ok we won't involve u into our organs-stealing-buissiness ahahahha ;)))
no police, no courts testimonials! ;)
RJ got green light from his boss to go in june!
We probably book first fligts next week! hoooray!
Posted on: Jan 30, 2009
mikevirgo0824 says:
i am not taking sides.
go ahead and fight away! :-)
as long as you make sure i don't get dragged into any police investigation on your murder (who ever ends up killing whoever first!:-)
please, i don't want to testify in court
Posted on: Jan 30, 2009
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Playing cards on the bus
Playing cards on the bus
the only sunshine this day. No, no…
the only sunshine this day. No, n…
Pl. Colom
Pl. Colom
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