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And we're so happy!  Ned was waiting for us and had roses.  Homemade lasagne was cooked, table set, house clean and inviting- ahhh, he's a jewel.  Who was happier to see whom:  the kids or the dogs?  It was a joyful homecoming. 

The trip from Dublin to home was grueling.  As Erma Bombeck said, "When you look like your passport photo, it's time to come home."  I looked worse by the time we arrived! 

We got up at 3:30 am and waited 20 minutes on the hotel shuttle for it to even move from the hotel lot.  Next time:  taxi. 

The Dublin Airport was very busy- many flights leave from Dublin 5am to 6am for the continent to make the day flights out of Europe to all over the world.

We made it through Dublin check-in and security with just 15 minutes before loading the 6:20am flight.  We were sweating from the effort, but everyone from check-in to oversized luggage were very nice and helpful.

Luggage hauling- I lost sleep over it and the kids are good troopers.  We were allowed to free check up to 2 bags each, but we checked 5.  That left us just 7 carry-ons- yikes!  And we bought tiny things!  Next time I'll take a tape measure and hand-held luggage scale.  Putting heavy books in a small carry-on bag and checking it allowed good weight distribution.  Overweight baggage fees are ridiculous, so it's worth it to plan out better next time, although I hate checking any luggage. 

Orla had emailed the good idea of using one of their big suitcases- then they could use it going back to Ireland.  But I didn't get her email in time or think of it.  That's a brilliant idea for a motorhome exchange!

All bags but one made it, to be delivered today.  Air France had our bag on their printout as not having made it out of Dublin.  I guess Jazy's clothes bag just could not part with lovely Europe. 

Air France Grade:  A++   They were on time, everyone who worked for them was nice and extremely professional, flights were on time, meals were great, wine served free with meals (of course- since this is France!).  A flight attendant complimenting Charles and Jazy on their fine behavior (they sat in another row), increased their score (ha!).  We were very impressed with Air France!  In fact, we were surprised and impressed with France and the French people our entire trip.

Landing in the United States of America resulted in cheers of joy and tears of gratitude for living in such a wonderful country. 

My Global Entry pass that I signed up the week before we left last June saved us time, bypassing all the lines.  A nice airport employee kindly escorted us across to Customs Booth 1, where Global Entry kiosks are located, so we didn't have to walk all the way around the building.

It was a little weird to walk out of the International Terminal to see a large greeting reception for all the people on the plane.  It felt like a movie star experience- again reminding us that we'd rather not be famous.  Particularly when we look like our passport photo!  :)

I'm happy to be home- content to appreciate our great life.  My fluffy slippers, full size fluffy towel, a soft robe, my sweet husband and happy dogs.  These are all gifts that I fully relish.  I hope that our journey experiences motivates us to reach beyond ourselves to help others.

I'll be writing some summaries from our trip as I have time to process it.  Some pictures I still want to add too.  So we won't be going away quite yet, but hope you've found these entries helpful.  While they took a lot of time when I was really tired, I love rereading them because I forget so much, it's almost like reading someone else's story.

Thanks for following along with us on our Trip of a Lifetime.

Hugs to all,

Tessa, Happy at Home

azsalsa says:
Tessa, glad you all made it back safely and with all (most of it) your luggage!. It's always great to get back to that familiar bed and back into the comfortable habits of home. I enjoyed reading your posts and although I haven't finished them all yet, I will do some backtracking to get the full story. It's great that you can give your children such memories to treasure for the rest of their lives!
Posted on: Jul 07, 2009
TerryKaren says:
Welcome back home. Already having Ciao Baby withdrawals but we still have Albuquerque coming up. We really enjoyed every post and thank you for sharing them with us.

Terry & Karen
Posted on: Jul 04, 2009
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