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Ciao is back home from the Mechanic's:  New U-joints, upper & lower ball joints, motor mounts, front tire rotation and alignment

Uploaded over 67,000 points of interest (POI's) to the GPS for our Irish exchange friends, including campgrounds, dump stations, Walmarts and Cracker Barrels, and National and State Park campgrounds that my Lazy Daze friend, Ted, kindly compiled for us all.  Also added "Unusual Tourist Attractions" category for them with an alien head icon.  I bet they'll like that!

Added Orla and Kieran to my RV Insurance policy- wanted to do that before we leave.

Preparing a gift basket for Orla & Kieran- can't tell you what's in it because it's a surprise for them and they might read this.  Top secret!  Heehee!

Lost my notebook with all my lists of Things to Do and Things to Buy, etc.

Trying to find Texas quarters to prepare little gifts for people we meet along our travels -an idea inspired by our Post Office.  They are not so easy to find!  I guess everyone wants TX quarters and are hoarding them.  :)

Drooled over the new Kodiak Lazy Daze, which does me no good in preparing for the trip:  I call it "Ciao 2!"  Ned is worried.

Bought a blackberry-sized, 250 gig, portable hard drive to use with the tiny Sony computer we're taking, so we can use the little Flip video camera, which was a Christmas present, and which I still need to learn how to use.  Did you know you can get hard drives for $60 free shipping from Newegg?  Wow!

Labeled all our tiny electronic equipment with Ned's mobile number, in case we lose them.

Wrote a letter to the Superintendent of Shenandoah National Park to offer alternatives to the no-RV's overnighting during the off-season rule.  Am hopeful for a change with the new Superintendent having come from Congaree NP, which we visited in SC (and was well-improved under her leadership).  Regardless of the outcome, I feel better having tried.

Carnet Card International- ordered this camping card from the Canadian AAA affiliate, who was kind enough to allow a speedy request by fax.  Without a CCI, I'd have to turn over my passport at each campground to be held until we leave.  Ney-ney!  Don't like that idea.

Practicing our Italian (and Jazy is learning German):  love Elisabeth Smith's One-Day Italian.  Head and shoulders above the rest (interesting, funny, pertinent).  We all enjoy it!  Lia's Chinese by Idiot's Guide was horrible:  dry, monotonous, said the Chinese before the English- ugh.  We think the Italian Pimsler is second best, and enjoy it too.

Arranged reciprocal RV emergency road service with AAA by adding the Plus/RV service for $30 for the year.  It should cover us if we breakdown in Europe.  Confirmed similar ERS with our RV Progressive Insurance, which covers our Irish family in case Ciao breaks down.


azsalsa says:
The Pimsleur is great. I've done the French and Italian and am working on the German. I was able to communicate in German (after going only halfway through the first set) when we went to the German Xmas markets in 2007!
Posted on: Apr 20, 2009
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