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Camping next time in Europe:

I’ve been thinking… this is what I’m going to drive when I do.  Sadly, I do think that U.S. campers are too wide for the stress they would induce in Europe.  It could be done, but you wouldn’t enjoy it very much.  And even dear Sugar feels too long for me to explore the way that I would like with just Ned and me, although it is critical to have a rig big enough for 4 people for a long time.


Here’s what I want us to drive:  A van.  Customized like this:


Stealth- so you cannot tell that it is a camper, so we can park on any town square and no one will know if we sleep in it or stay in a local B&B.  We’ll stay in campgrounds when we like, or anywhere the adventure spirit takes us. 


Short- And it must be no taller than about 2 meters so it fits in a car park or inner-city parking garage.  It can have a pop-top, as long as you cannot tell by looking at it when it is down.


Length- It must be no longer than car-length.  We’ll utilize folding outdoor equipment to enjoy the wonderful weather as we follow the sun. 


Contents:  We’ll have a small refrigerator, because we’ll be enjoying picnics and chilled wine, but it needn’t be large, because there is food (and outdoor markets and delightful local food) everywhere, so no need to store large quantities.  We’ll need simple shower hose, cassette (or porta) potty, and one sink.  We’ll hang our towels on the back of the seats during the day to dry as we drive. Light and free!


No limits:  There will be no height or length limitations for driving directly into cities, parking, driving onto ferries, paying road tolls, or overnighting. 


Focus:  Europe is about being outside, enjoying the sights and the culture, exploring the cities- a large vehicle can become like an albatross and very stressful.


I think a stealth van is the way to go! 

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photo by: tessamoppie