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5.11.09  We’re sitting at the Barcelona ferry port in Line 1, listening to Elton John and other great music pumping from the building straight toward Sugar.  We’re so excited to be here!


We’re early- really early!  Somehow 22:00 hour got turned around in my mind, 2 hours early for boarding- instead of checking in by 8:00 pm (20:00), I wanted us here before 6pm, and since we didn’t know where we were going and there are 4 different ports, well, put it this way, even with missing our exit and turning around, asking directions of the police, and finding our way here with the help of 2 more people, we were standing in the ticket line by 5:30 pm with Sugar parked #3 in line!  They kindly let us park in line before our boarding passes were obtained.


We showed only our passports and the ticket number that I’d written off the computer and they gave us our cabin keys, which are paper little tickets that have a magnetic stripe on the back of them.  We have a placard for the window of Sugar that says Civitavecchia (so we don’t get on the wrong boat thankfully).  And we have a little ticket for Sugar.  I love, love, love how laid-back they are about the “rules” here.


While not outwardly very smiley or happy, the people of Barcelona have been very kind and helpful. 


Here’s an example:  We had our last flub on the Barcelona metro today.  We needed 3 single tickets from the kiosk, so Charles and Lia bought the tickets, fighting over who got to “help” - the usual ridiculous sibling squabble.  Then our ticket wouldn’t work right for the 2nd and 3rd people- it kept beeping.  Fortunately, the nice Metro guy came over and we laughingly figured out that the kids had left 2 tickets in the machine, which he’d retrieved for us.  The single tickets are printed individually, not coded on the ticket as the 10-ride ticket which look the same). 


We are surprised at how many people here speak some English!  Nearly everyone seems to know it.  We laughed when we were shopping today ��" a Chinese family owned the store and so in addition to our Spanish, English, and French, we conversed in a few Chinese words too!  I guess we’d better start studying that Italian.  Here’s some:  “Ciao Baby!”


Today we walked along Diagonal, the road from the Parking “campsite” ��" which is called Regesa Aparcaments, by the way.  Then we took a pedestrian road to the Olympic Port, which includes large park spaces for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics right along the ocean.  Only a few brave surfers in wet-suits were in the water. 


It was rather overcast and breezy today.  While we were fine in jeans and short sleeves, the locals were bundled up in jackets.


We start boarding “around” 9pm.  The “around” was emphasized again for us.  We’re really excited!  Since we enjoyed our flight from Houston to Paris so much and our ferry from Ireland to Wales, and our Shuttle from England to France so much, we have high hopes for our cruise tonight!


I never could figure out a Spanish payphone.  Nothing I tried seemed to result in any response from the phone.  Ah well, USAA can wait.

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photo by: fivepointpalm