7.2.09 Last night in Dublin

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Flooding today in Dublin!  Part of the airport roof collapsed, as did a local hospital roof.  Nobody was hurt, so that is good.  We've apparently been outrunning all sorts of natural disasters on this trip, most recently storms in N. Ireland, heat wave now in England, and flooding last week in all the places we were the week before (Budapest, Poland, Prague, and Vienna!)  We've been so blessed on this trip, it makes me a bit worried about the flights tomorrow!

We got all the wash done and Sugar ready for her next adventure when her family comes home.  I admit that I was very sad when it was time to say goodbye.  Why do I get so attached to motorhomes?  That is crazy. 

Fiona kindly got us to the hotel, which was REALLY nice of her.  Thank you, Fiona!

Our hotel is great except for a LOUD alarm that goes off about hourly and scares the mess out of everyone.  It is 10:32 pm and we have a 4am wakeup call for a 6:20 am flight to Paris, then to Houston- good sleeping, huh?

Luggage issues will hopefully work out so all our "treasures" can make it home.

Just to be a different (and fast), here's an email to Kieran and Orla that I sent from their house today.


Hey there! We're at your lovely house, getting Sugar all ready to be backed into her storage shed.

Quick question: Is there anything specific you'd like us to do regarding plugging her in?

If not, we've disconnected the electric now and will make sure everything is turned off, so as not drain the batteries (cab and coach).

The last load of linens is running now so you shouldn't have a bunch to do when you get home. There's one red comforter that I'll leave in the laundry area that I think is too large for this washer. I would have found a commercial washer if I'd thought ahead about that, but sorry I didn't. So that is the only thing left to wash.

Most items dried yesterday on the line in the wind, but it is raining steadily now and I'm not sure the items on the line under the carport will be dry before we go.

Fiona is coming by in 2.5 hours to take us to the airport and maybe I can sweet-talk her into getting the linens later. Otherwise, we'll setting up Sugar's drying rack in the house and drying the last linens on there, so may double them up if needed.

You would not BELIEVE how much junk we have in your family room. It is ridiculous and we cannot possibly take it all home! We've left you some books (in addition to all yours), a small pile of clothing donations (if you don't mind), some non-perishables in the pantry, etc. But most of it we'll figure out how to check through and might buy a 2nd bag to pack it. And we don't even *like* to shop. Charles sang a "Proud to be an American" song with a consumerism twist that was not complimentary. It will all be straight and minimized by the time we leave here though, no worries. :)

I did pick up the Riverdance tickets and was thrilled to pass them on to Fiona. Hooray!

Will unplug and turn off everything before we leave.

Please let me know if there's anything else we can do for you while we're here.

Running off to get things ready!

Hope you're having fun- can't wait to see you! Sugar was the best rig ever! We love her! Thank you again, Tessa


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