6.8.09 Munchin’ in Munchen

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6.8.09 Munchin’ in Munchen


We had a beautiful day in Munich today!  The sun was bright as we took the bus 5 minutes (1100 meters) to the U3 metro line.  A nice German couple from our Thalkirchen campground helped us with the public transportation details.  You just have to validate your ticket once and then keep it with you- there are no gates or turnstiles into the metro, so there’s no “special technique” needed for the family pass (5 person- 9E daily pass).


We took the metro to the central “Marienplatz” area, where we enjoyed the immense food market.  Every item we bought surprised us:  Our “chicken” was some kind of soy, the sweet tomatoes stuffed with cheese were really red peppers, and the mushrooms were gummy enough to successfully avoid our knife’s fate - it was a “culinary experience.”  The pretzels and bread from the department store were good.


We witnessed the “most overrated show on earth” of the puppet show during the 11am, noon, and 5pm bell ringing at the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall).  Essentially, the bells chime a little tingy tune and the characters go around on a turnplate.  We did stay awake through most of it!  Ha!  How spoiled we are with modern technology!


We climbed the town hall tower (3.50E total) to enjoy the Munich view- lovely! 


The famous Hofbrauhs House had a little museum on the second floor, which was fun with picture opportunities for holding big, heavy mugs and reading about it’s 1500 year history. 


Strolling Maximillianhofe (street) we saw all the designer stores, the lovely marble National Theatre building, then beautiful opera house (we think- there were few signs).


We took the U3 subway line to Olympic Park.  The BMW Museum is closed on Mondays, but we enjoyed the new cars, simulations, and interesting architecture at the BMW across the street from the Museum.  Charles was most happy to see the new cars there. 


Then we strolled all over Olympic Park, which was lovely and we enjoyed a lunch and a Bavarian beer.  While the kids didn’t have any, it is surprising how many people offer Jazy a beer.  They did ask Jazy and Lia last night at the campground store last night who the beer they were purchasing was for and Jazy said for her mom, so they sold it to her.  Isn’t that interesting how lenient they are regarding alcohol?  It is definitely part of the culture. 


We met some nice Irish people this morning at the campground.  They were from County Wicklow and happy to see an Irish campervan- I hope we Irish imposters didn’t disappoint them.  They’d purchased an electric bike in Holland that could go 29km on the rechargeable battery- very cool!  So they were biking the 5km along the river into Munich- great idea!


There is no internet at the campground other than a type-in machine that doesn’t allow USB memory-stick input, which is what we had at the Bois de Bologne Paris campground.  You’d think we were asking for a million bucks- I mean, this is the busy, main campground within the largest German city- wouldn’t you expect such a modern country to have some sort of internet options?  I think it is surprising that Greek campgrounds are more progressive. 


We are happy to have electric (2E) although we refuse to pay 1E each for showers.  The price is right at 20E for all of us, so I’m not complaining about that- just the internet.


It is a lovely afternoon- there is pollen blowing through the air like large snowflakes, but the temperature is perfect.  The kids are all playing on the playground, balancing and jumping dangerously on the teeter-totter with other kids. 


We were talking with some nice Canadians on the metro and made the mistake of bemoaning the fact that we only have one month to go on our trip.  “Wow!” they said, “Our entire trip is only 3 weeks!” which made us feel like complete ingrates.  We are so lucky every single day to have this terrific experience!


Munich is a lovely city- I must admit to being surprised at how pretty and clean it is, how efficient the transportation, how nice the people on the metro who all offered to help two girls in wheelchairs exit when they needed to, how patiently they waited for all to exit the metro before entering, how the pace is reasonable and unhurried, how traffic within the city seems sparse.  It seems like a very livable, enjoyable place to live!






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photo by: AleksandraEa