6.4.09 Into Germany! Tubingen

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6.4.09 Into Germany!  Tubingen


Today we saw Europe’s largest waterfall!  Rhinefalls is wide across the Rhine River and we were able to walk out over the water.  We see the rock island in the middle of the river - boats called “daredevils” will apparently take you out there to climb to the top and look over.  Now THAT has to be an adventure!  We saw people out there, but no boats in action.  I’ll bet the charge to get out to the island is cheap, but the fare to get off the rock is river robbery!


We also drove smack through the middle of Zurich.  While it is Switzerland’s largest city, it is missing a ring road.  So our highway emptied right onto city streets, most of which were torn up by construction.  Many merges and minutes later, we emerged unscathed from Zurich and continued on our way.


We made it to Germany!  There is a border crossing and cars and buses go through the left lane, trucks through the right.  A guard stands at the opening and waves you through- we were happy to have Irish (EU) tags.


Our highway in Germany had speed limits- bummer!  While we typically don’t drive the limit (we stay with the slower trucks), we look forward to the WHOOSH of the fast cars flying past us.


Germany is really beautiful with rolling green hillsides, the black spruce trees with their sagging branches of the Black Forest, and clusters of small towns with red roofs. 


We decided to camp in Tubigen tonight.  It’s on the Stuttgart outskirts and is a medieval, university town that is considered as pretty as Heidleberg without the tourists.  Jazy’s ferry friend is also here and she again attempted to call her with no success.  Only one phone number combination worked and all that person said was “Nein!” repeatedly.  So we sent another email and hopefully we’ll hear. While we have her address and she is less than 3 miles straight down the road, we don’t want to pester the poor girl!


Steve and Carol, my Lazy Daze friends, emailed back and it turns out that we are just 17 miles from them!  Ha!  So we’ll try to meet up tomorrow in person- great fun!

travelingwhenwecan says:
Began following your blog when you were traveling in Alaska, following a route we had traveled just the year before and enjoyed reading your adventures in familiar places. You are now in an area where I spent 2 months during Desert Storm working for the American Red Cross. Keep on enjoying this special travel with your family - it will be an experience you will never forget. Enjoy Stutgartt - I hope you get to go to visit Rothenburg. It was one of my favorite places in Germany. Also loved Venice, Austria, and Prague.
Posted on: Jun 05, 2009
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photo by: missandrea81