6.3.09 Luscious Luzern, Switzerland

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6.3.09 Luscious Luzern, Switzerland


We’re in picturesque Luzern!  It was just 3 hours up the road, through some long tunnels.  One tunnel was over 10 miles long!  It was two-directional and skinny.  Stressful because I know how dangerous tunnels can be in a fire and about halfway into it, I was wondering if we could run 5 miles if needed to escape- and I wasn’t sure of the answer…


But the tunnels mean we cut through some gorgeous, enormous mountains without altering elevation much, which is great!


Our campground is right on Lake Luzern, although we cannot see the lake from here due to fence and foliage.

  There is a park next door where you can pay to play, or a little further along the waterfront, you can just jump right in from some concrete steps if you like.  There are swans in the very blue water and a steamer boat makes a classic trip across the lake. 


The campground was a Church’s book pick (as are most of our campgrounds, since they are so convenient for touring cities).  It is a bit pricey at 50 SF, but that is only 32E or so.  Given we’re right in Luzern, that is a reasonable deal.


We biked along the wonderful path along the river, the mile into downtown Lucerne, which is most gorgeous.  Switzerland did not suffer the bombing damage of WWII that other European countries did and it is extremely picturesque.


We enjoyed the ancient covered bridge (the oldest road bridge in Europe) that sadly caught fire in 1993 and much of it was lost, although it has been rebuilt and you can walk across it, admiring the overhead artwork panels that remain.


We bought some spices at an outdoor market that happens only the first Weds of the month, although the prices seemed expensive for other items.  Jazy made sure we located our chocolate factory and we bought some delicious red hearts.  We’d already purchased 85% cocoa Lindt chocolate bar and it was terrible!  It was so bitter and we are going to make some fondue with it, adding a lot of sugar or condensed milk.  But our red hearts were sweet and melted in our mouths.


Then we biked back- perfect weather by the way- sunny and the ideal temperature.

  We used the nice propane grill that the Behans newly bought and kindly let us use.  It was great!  I also enjoyed cutting tomato slices, crusty bread, and butterflying the chicken with a new knife that I bought in town for Sugar- we’d lost the knife at a campground dishwashing sink.  I was really glad this knife was fun to use because Kieran is a great chef and the last thing chefs like are poor knives!  Everyone has been banned from removing this knife from the camper.


Skype on Charles’ iTouch works really well even if it is a bit delayed and spotty.  We called Ned and I finally got the Mastercard block removed (blocked since Paris).  It was only the threat of the Skype minutes not renewing on the Mastercard that made me make the painful call  Ha!


I am so excited about Kieran and Orla and sweet kiddos heading to Texas in just a few weeks!  Ned is getting excited too and has Ciao all ready to go.

  I owe that man forever for all the work he put into getting her ready, since I didn’t finish by the time we flew here.  Wow, he is some kind of special!  I would appreciate everyone joining me in prayer that Ciao performs beautifully for the Behans- my worst fear is that something will happen to ruin their trip, but I've got to believe that we've done all we can at this point to get her ready.  Fingers and toes are crossed! 


Tomorrow we continue north into Zurich and maybe Germany- I need to email Carol and Steve in Stuttgart!  They are Lazy Daze friends and we would love to see them if they're around.  Let me run find their info- Jazy also emailed her friend from the ferry to see if she can go visit her at school, as she was invited.  They have school until July 15th!  That would be a great opportunity, just as they got to do in Ireland- really cool.





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