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Buying our Czech vignette as we leave Poland

Quote of the Day:  "My birthday went by way too fast!"  (Lia) 

Driving day today.  Drove through rainy 5pm Friday Prague traffic (but our traffic was fine) to arrive at this terrific campground.  Residents with very large, long backyards have turned the yards into caravan parks!  The Church's one they mentioned was full, so we snagged the one next door.  The lady who owns it is very nice and helpful, providing the best directions for public transportation that we've ever received, in spite of her limited English our our VERY limited (ok, non-existent) Czech.

Sad to say, but we were not sad to leave Poland.  The Poles seem generally unhappy with life, with other people, etc and we did not find our visit there very heart-warming, although we'd high hopes.

Gas prices in Poland
  I will not detail to great length to justify our feelings, but independent of discussion, we all came to the conclusion that we'd not seek Poland travel in the future, other than for historical sites. 

There are different countries where the people do seem to enjoy others, the landscape is inspiring, the food delicious, the drivers calm, and the water potable (the campground host said to boil all the water before drinking it) that we would far rather spend time enjoying than Poland.  That may seem harsh, but sometimes you have to call it like you see it.  We did like the lovely Krakow architecture and the prices were quite reasonable.  To be fair, several people that we met were very nice.  It just did not make our Top 10 list.  For others, it might.

We were 1km from the border into Czech when we changed money at the Polish gas station.  It was a good thing we'd waited since we had several surprise tolls on the highway! 

We stopped just before the border to ask about a vignette (sticker) so we could drive the Czech roads.  We asked if we could pay with Czech money, since we'd just (stupidly) changed it all.  The guy snidely declared, "When in Poland, Polish money; when in Czech, Czech money!"  Now this wouldn't be so hilarious :

1.  If he wasn't literally 20 yards from the border-- with unguarded, free-access at that!

2.  If he wasn't a money exchanger too!  Haha! 

So since he'd already starting snipping the vignette holes before he found out we only had Euros, Czech money or U.

S. dollars, he managed to come up with the amount we owed him in Czech money (or 12E) and we don't really know how much our 1 week vignette cost.  Jazy said it was probably better if I just don't worry about whatever exchange rate we just got (taken for).  So, with that we took our vignette and left Poland.

How about some nice news?  Happy Birthday to Grandpa Hill!  Hugs and kisses from us all!

Also, we got a great email from the Behans, who are having fun in Texas, headed west.  I just smiled to imagine them having fun! 

Also, Ned was returning from Austin yesterday and passed Ciao Baby on the highway!  How cool is that?  I hope they're having a great time.

Speaking of Ned, we're IM'ing right now, so must run.  Will explore lovely Prague in the morning and hope to meet a friend's Dad and Aunt (remember Kate Nunes, my biking friend- the one who biked FL to OR on a triplet?) in Prague for lunch- fun!


alanhill says:
Thanks for the birthday wish. I had a nice long talk with Ned on my birthday and that was special. I loved Prague when I was there several years ago. Be sure to walk across the David Bridge to the castle which I think is a gov't office now. Love you all and can't wait to visit in Houston someday soon.
Posted on: Jun 20, 2009
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Buying our Czech vignette as we le…
Buying our Czech vignette as we l…
Gas prices in Poland
Gas prices in Poland
Into Czech Republic
Into Czech Republic
Typical signs to memorize for spee…
Typical signs to memorize for spe…
Gas prices in Czech Republic
Gas prices in Czech Republic
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