4.10.09 Stratford-Upon-Avon

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4.10.09 Stratford-Upon-Avon


Where for art thou?  We ventured to Shakespeare’s territory today.  It was a beautiful day and we took the motorway there (interstate- too fast) and the scenic route 3400 back (delightful).


We loved walking around the tourist-thronged town with delightful buildings and shops from the 1500’s.  The line to buy tickets to enter the house where Shakespeare was born was too long for us and we admired it from the outside.  We did go in the Trinity Church and saw his grave, along with his wife, Anne Hathaway.  We enjoyed talking with some students from Staten Island there too.


Although the Globe Theatre was closed until 2010 for renovation, the Swan Theatre was doing a Shakespearean drama.  There was a live feed of the performance showing in the lobby!  We enjoyed watching an actress in costume walk past us, through the doors, and then appearing on the big screen TV in front of us as she went onto stage.  It really was as if we were right there.


There were buskers playing music along the cobblestone streets, baguettes to be eaten, swans on the Avon River, and a delightful, festive atmostphere. 


We enjoyed the shops along the way, finding things on our shopping list and a café’ press (my Lazy Daze friends will appreciate that!), a sugar server that distributes just one teaspoon-full per tip, flip-flops, socks and other necessisties.  Oh and chocolate!  The Easter Bunny might just arrive tomorrow!


We were able to park in “coach” parking- they had a sign for caravans so we went there- for 4 L for 4 hours, which was just right.  It was right behind the tourist information and Leisure Center- very convenient.  Many of these towns have Park & Ride locations and encourage you to use those, but once you get into town, they clearly show where buses can park, and I follow that.


We charged the computer via our D/C inverter, so I’m hurrying to type while I can.  While I paid for internet, I cannot yet seem to get the connection to the gatekeeper site to type in my password. 


Online I need to book our Paris campground and see about registering Sugar on the Restricted Access Zone area around London.  Otherwise, I’ll have to pay a daily fee, but the Behans might have already done this, having traveled Europe for the past few summers. 


Speaking of fees, what is up with these speed cameras?  Where are they?  We see signs for them and wonder if they send a ticket to every single soul going over the speed limit?  I generally don’t speed, but I wonder how they work.  Anyone know?


We’re back in Oxford now, having enjoyed the thatch-roofed cottages along the way.  Jazy and I love how some of the newer buildings look identical in materials and façade to the older ones- obviously some strict building codes here.  She wondered if there were such areas in the U.S.  that are so quaint.


Jazy also convinced me twice in a row to take the wrong roundabout exit (we missed it by one each time) and I stupidly listened so that it took awhile to get all turned around and back on the right ring road around Oxford.  Thank goodness for a GPS or I’m sure one of us would not be alive on this trip!


Well, my computer died in the middle of my conversation with Ned last night, so I’ll keep it short.  We’re looking forward to biking back into Oxford tomorrow.  It is so very nice to be in one spot for awhile.  The people here are extremely nice and we are so happy to be in this delightful place.


I did get the Thursday of next week, so all of our London week is fully booked and I’m grateful for that.  There’s some nervousness about driving into London to each of the campgrounds, but I’ll just try to be early and calm.  Until then, we’ll enjoy this beautiful small town of Ozford.


azsalsa says:
Hi Tessa, I just stumbled upon your latest adventure and am now anxious to backtrack to the beginning as I'm curious about the RVing across Europe. My husband and I used to live about 20 min from Stratford (in Rugby) and we would always play tour guide there with all our friends who would visit from the U.S. Enjoy your travels and I look forward to your future additions.
Posted on: Apr 20, 2009
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Stratford Upon Avon
photo by: Stevie_Wes