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Just an hour east of Disney World is the amazing Kennedy Space Center.  We met Mom and Dad there and spent all day enjoying the 3 stops on the bus tour, the Imax movie, and the Rocket Launch Experience (a ride simulator to feel like you're on the shuttle).

And still we did not get to do 75% of the activities.  Mom and Dad have gone back 2 more days (you can return with your tickets) and have finally enjoyed most things.  Mom said that the Astronaut Hall of Fame Museum had the most interesting rides (like G-force and shuttle landing simulations) of all the various stops.  Also, I understand that Grandpa Hill interned at KSC after college!  And I just thought launches took place there!

If you go, keep in mind that (again) the tickets are very expensive and you'll want to spend a few days there if possible.

  They are very precise and structured in the movement of people so there is not much way to shorten your time at the stops, not that you'd want to, but don't think you can go for 2 hours on the bus tour and be done. 

Anyway, we learned so much and wish we could be there for the 2/12 shuttle launch.  There are just 7 more shuttle launches until that program officially ends and the next begins.  Did they call that the Orion program?  Information overlaod- it'd be a good idea to learn the basics before you go!  We even got to ask questions of the Lead Engineer for insulation on the Apollo missions- fascinating!

We sadly bid goodbye to Mom and Dad.  They wanted to spend more time and we needed to head north for family visits, so after sunset goodbyes, we drove for a few hours. 

We overnighted in a rest area near St. Augustine.  A State Trooper guarded the 5 motorhomes lined up beside each other with the trucks and cars in separate parking areas.  It was really nice and we appreciated the security.  After having to find places to spend the night in Central America, requesting permission in Spanish, tipping the vigilante, and typically retiring alone in the lot, overnight sites in the U.S. seem so easy and safe!


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Mom & Dad in KSC parking lot- plen…
Mom & Dad in KSC parking lot- ple…
Kennedy Space Center
photo by: dicksiem