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Jamestown Settlement

We took the Ranger's advice (at Chickahominy Park) and started with the Jamestown Settlement, just 10 minutes down the lovely John Tyler Memorial Highway. 


Jamestown Settlement is where 104 men and boys arrived in 1607 to create the first permanent English settlement.  Did you know that only 51 were alive after the first few months?  They had a tough time of it!


We just made the 11am tour, which is the only way to see thee outdoor exhibits in the low season (January to mid-February).  Terrific tour of the Susan Constant ship, the settlement village, an Indian village, the museum inside with a movie, and of course the book/gift store where we bought some location literature. 


This place was first rate!  The building, tour guides, content of the tours and hands-on teaching were exceptional.  We learned so much!  (Combined Jamestown and Yorktown Victory Center Tickets were about $17 over 12 years old and AAA discount of 10%)


Jamestown Island

We raced over the National Park Service area portion called Jamestown Island, located just a mile or so south.  http://www.nps.gov/jame/  They have a statue of Pocahantas, an old chapel, viewing areas with old buildings superimposed on the binoculars, an archeology dig (that was covered with a tarp), a fascinating museum called an archearium where artifacts are displayed, including a skeleton (JR- as in, "Who shot JR?" no kidding!).  JR's skeleton was a replica and there is a real skeleton apparently, but it was out on loan somewhere. 


Because of the scope of these places, two days might have been better- a day at each.  We didn't get to go down the NPS road that has a 5 ton weight limit (we're 6 tons), but could have biked it with time.  So when I come back with Ned, we'll have to take our time and enjoyi them.  Still, we were glad we got to see them at all.


Dinner with Friends:

Then we ran off to have dinner with Marie and Gary Allen.  I met him on my Lazy Daze RV elist and they are both the nicest, most helpful, gracious, interesting people!  We had the best time with them and are so grateful for the chance to meet them in person after emailing over the last year or so. 


We really enjoyed them.  Their daughter went to the same small grad school as Ned (and me by default and where Jazy was born).  They're terrific grandparents and set the kids up with dinner trays on the living room sofas watching a terrific DVD about history in the area.  Plus, they both worked in Washington, DC!  Gary provided wonderful DC advice and Marie found online and helped me fax Senator requests for DC tours.  Then they sent us off with chips and the world's best brownies.  We had a grand time!  I hope to become more like them.


Our only problem came a few hours later.  Charles was sick.  I mean SICK!  Jazy helped me clean up all his bedding from the sudden and violent vomitting storm, which took us an hour and a half!  Ugh!  He was sick all through the night and little sleep had we.


Still, we had a wonderful day at Jamestown and with the Allens.


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photo by: spocklogic