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After Montañita we headed to Puerto Lopez to go to Isla de la Plata. Since we are travelling on a budget, we cannot go at the present time to Galapagos, so instead we went to the Isla which has some similar animals and where you can go snorkeling as well.

A note before going forward with this entry. While shopping around at Montañita a guy offered us a tour to another island a little south of Isla de la Plata arguing that it was better because Isla de la Plata is too desertic. So he made a long, drawn out pitch, in which he told us that we would get a harpoon gun to shoot fishes (moronic), and maybe we could kill sharks (cruel). Then he mentioned that last time they had killed a shark and a few baby sharks, and that we could do likewise. So please don't buy from this guy as he is a baby killer and a sketchball through and through, you'll be doing us and baby sharks a favor. He is like 5'10'', thin, walks around the town selling his tours, and shows numerous pics and brochures (most of them old and worn out).

Anyway, Isla de la Plata was in fact hot, especially since the sun was beating down on us. We hiked around the island for three hours, which was great fun, as we sighted 4 cool birds. We can only remember two of them right now, the albatross and the blue-footed boobie (who could forget that name?). Both were laying eggs, and were quite a sight to behold. A girl said that the blue-footed boobie feet get bluer when they try to attract the females. D did the same with the color red when he was courting Em, but to no avail.

Aftrwards, we started snorkling when it got cloudy, so we couldn't see very well and it was quite chilly. Nonetheless it was cool, and we swam around for a while with some sea snakes, eels, brighly colored fish, and a German overly enamored with the gym (wore a t-shirt that said "best bodies" on it... modest, but mostly nice guy).

We then grabbed an overnight bus ride to Quito, where we grabbed another bus to Otavalo for the Saturday market... here things went really awry.

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Puerto Lopez
photo by: yadilitta