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More pictures: The mountains that surround Santiago (when the smog is not there)
     So we wanted to write a little wrap up. First of all since we left each other's side a week ago, I have to say that, 1) it was one of the most fun few months I ever had, and 2) I really love him/her. I would have never have as much fun if I would have done this alone, and probably never have embarked upon it on the first place. Unlike our Europe trip, we both had the same objectives (see and do a lot, wake up early, and enjoy as much as possible), and this time around we loved each other. Hence, when things went wrong, and they went wrong often with rip offs, robberies, strikes, late buses, missed buses, and broken down buses, we always had each other to make things a little better and maintain a sense of humor about the situation. We should mention that one of the toughest thing of Latin America, and really anywhere that is not the first world, is the permeating always poverty, in that always naïve way, "how can it be this bad for fellow humans?".
Cerro Manquehue
Moreover, it was also terrible to see the huge differences between the rich and the poor. And while we must admit that we did not do much about it (short of stopping the trip and helping, you can only help out with little things), we lived with it and moved on. In the end, it was nice to have somebody you love to help keep it together and keep things in perspective. We would return to many of the countries and places we visited as well as check out places we missed.
So to finish up, nothing like numbers to show how much we traveled,
The trip in numbers (only counting things over an hour): 20,842 kilometers or
12,951 miles travelled
4 multi-day hikes, all passing over 4000 meters
49 buses
7 combi
6 plane rides
6 ferry rides
2 multi-day boat rides
1 really fast boat
1 4 day jeep ride
1 falling apart jeep
5 long taxi rides
2 trains
1 back of a pick up truck
1 front of a pick-up truck
1 ranchera (pick up truck, with church like benches in the back, open sided)
3 days of car driving to round things off
Good times...
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More pictures: The mountains that …
More pictures: The mountains that…
Cerro Manquehue
Cerro Manquehue
photo by: Bluetraveler