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A day like this could easily be one of the worst days ever, which speaks of how protected our lives have been and makes you feel slighly better about it, although it doesn't make it any less pleasant or takes the sting off it. Anyway, here it goes.

We got to Quito and were very exhausted after a long bus ride. Ecuatorian buses are pretty bad in that they usually have a hole between the back and the butt when you recline them, making your butt hurt real bad as the blood cannot flow properly. This makes for bad sleeping in overnight buses, which is something that we didn't encounter in other South American nations. So we had a delicious breakfast at the station, and headed to take our bus to Otavalo.

At this point things went awful. I (Danilo) put my bag on the rack on top of my head after being prompted to do so by a man that appeared to be from the bus company. After hesitating I put it there (only one other time I put it up there and I was wide awake, otherwise it goes under my feet). I was in a semi-conscious state and at some point somebody opened my bag and took the passports, money, credit cards, and a photo camera out (thus no more photos until late June, since I will an adapter to upload them around then). We did not realize this until 2 hours later at a police check. So some advice, don't trust anybody that asks you to put your bag on top of your head, especially if you are not completely awake. It is one of those things that you know, but when you are tired you are much more malleable, so just be careful, and watch out for the mother*******.

We still went to Otavalo, since there wasn't much we could do for the passports because it was Saturday. As depressed as we get, we walked around and bought some sweet hammocks for very cheap, but we couldn't gather our spirit to buy anything else. This is not out of consumerism, but the goods sold there are really great and really cheap. Anyway, we just took the day off, wallowed in our sorrow and ire, and chilled out a bit. The next day things were better and as we took a stroll, we saw that the market was also opened on Sundays and took a walk through it. This time, and also because the market on Sunday is significantly more chill, we were able to really appreaciate th really amazing  textiles. We would particularly recommend the alpaca blankets, which are dyed beautiful colors and are really soft. After the  shopping spree we had some good food at a nearby cafe located in the main plaza. We headed to the bus staion in much better spirits...

Life goes on.

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photo by: Ils1976