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We woke up early in the morning on Tuesday to get to the Argentine park for a full day of waterfall exploration. The second we arived to the park, we realized that we were not in Brazil anymore. The Argentine park is set up more like a national park and less like a Disney attraction. It was quite obvious that Brazil and Argentina had no conversation whatsoever about making the two parks alike or having a common theme (by the by, both countries generally don`t get along). We grabbed a map and headed out on one of the trails which winds around the park so you can get a close up view of many waterfalls. After walking through the forests and around really large tours, we hiked down to the river where we waited in line for a boat to take us to an island with an even closer view of the waterfalls. While on line there was a  French couple that shared their cigarrettes smoke with us and then cut in front of us, only to ask us when we got on the boat and after a 30 minute wait whether or not there was a restaurant where we were headed. We explained to them that the island was just an island and to eat, they would have to go back to the entrance. When it was time to get off to the island, the couple stayed on the boat to go all the way back because it was lunch time. Where is MacDo when you need it?

The island was incredible. It offered the best views of these grand falls by far. Again, we got very wet but it was one of the most impressive things we have seen on this trip. After checking out the falls up close, we sat down on a bench to eat the lunch that we brought. After a few bites, these blue and black birds started to show up one by one. It was very cool to see them up close but it was creepy when the tenth of them decided to intently stare at us from a few feet away. We decided to finish our lunch elsewhere.

After hiking around the park, we took the train to La Garganta del Diablo, the Throat of the Devil. This is a very apt name for this part of the falls as it is the point where the Rio Parana spills over the gorge below. To get there you have to walk on a walkway/bridge for 10 minutes, so when you stand at the lookout point you are in the middle of the river and it plunges all around you. All that you see below is a cloud of mist constantly floating upwards and blocking all sight from the rest of the waterfalls, while a constant thundering comes from below. Really amazing.

By the end we had our fill of waterfalls and you could even say we were waterfalled out. So we headed back to the little town of Puerto Iguazu and took care of some business. It became incresingly colder as the day wore on, apparantly they were experiencing some polar winds or some such thing. Very chilly. After taking care of business, we ate parridilla. When you eat paradilla, they basically bring a small grill to your table filled with all kinds of meat. A meat-fest if you will. You don´t know or don´t want to know what part of the body it came from or even which animal is responsible for what you are eating, but with a bottle of wine, it turns into a delicious meat-fest.

The next morning we slept in and dawlded a bit because it was so cold. We decided to stay in Peurto Iguazu to take care of some more business but the internet wasn´t working. The internet company´s workers were on strike. Ha! We love strikes. So instead we walked around for the remainder of the afternoon and when the internet came back online, we took care of some business. By 3pm, we were on our way to the Missiones.

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Puerto Iguazu
photo by: jeffy