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On Saturday afternoon we got on the slowest boat either one of us have ever been on and floated over to La Isla del Sol (we calculated that you could have jogged faster). When we got off the boat, we quickly climbed the 210 steps to the town on the North side of the island. We hiked around for the next few hours on the island, it was absolutely beautiful. We chose a place to camp, however, a large electric seemed to be heading directly for us, so we retreated. Exhaustedly, we hiked into the night, searching in the dark for a place to take refuge. We only found a place to stay after a couple of drunk old men led us to a nice hostal (they used us for our flashlights so they wouldn´t fall and break their hip on the treacherous walk home). On a side note, we were perplexed as to how they got drunk in the first place owing to the ban on alcohol over the weekend and only too jealous of their blissful state.

The next morning we woke up and grudgingly realized it had barely rained the night before. After a little grumbling, we set off to explore the rest of the island. We hiked, got lost, got yelled at, and finallly found our way to the Inca ruins which were a labarynth. On the way we saw inumerable donkeys, pigs, and sheep. The donkeys and pigs were almost always tied up with no more than 4 ft. of rope which we found quite cruel. We climbed down to the bottom of the hill of the ruins and camped on the beach in a nice little bay. The sunset on Titicaca and the stars were both gorgeous. It was a bit of a chilly night and we watched the sky once again light up with lightning from far away. This time we stayed and again it barely rained.

After camping we packed up our stuff and hiked back to the south side of the island to catch the turtle desguised as a ferry back to Copacabana. Upon arriving to the port town we witnessed a cow´s death and the ritual of drinking the blood that spills from the cow´s slit throat. This was all rather surreal as tourists were taking pictures and the locals that were killing the cow were joking and laughing the whole time as the cow convulsed under their grip. Sorry for the gruesome portrayal.

Anyway, what should have been an hour and a half boat ride of course took around 6 hours. Luckily we were entertained by some fun loving Canadians and a family who had been travelling around the world for a year (the children were wild!!!). We returned to an amazingly quiet Copacabana.

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Isla del Sol
photo by: Paulovic