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90% of Huaraz was destroyed in an Earthquake in 1970 and you can tell. The city is not big, and it isn´t done building yet. It isn´t a pleasant sight either, but that is easily made up by its huge and beautiful surrounding mountains, which is why we found ourselves here on the first place. We arrived at 6am, and quickly went to sleep. The next day we took care of food and other menial necessities to survive in the wild for 4 days.

The next morning we took a bus to a town called Vaqueria to start our hike. It is imperative to mention certain elements of this bus ride to truly drive home this bus experience. The departure time was 6:30 but we did not leave until 7:20, because the bus needed to be loaded with everything imaginable, starting from bags, to 6 crates of chickens, and let us not forget the requisite 40 kilo sacks of who knows what. It is worth mentioning that the crates of chickens were slammed against Danilo´s and Emily´s window on their way up to the roof, leading to eye to eye contact with panicking chickens. The man standing below was caught in a shit storm - literally - he was showered in chicken shit. Strange to say the least. 

The bus ride was 5 hours long, running through mountains, and hills. Emily had to deal with a woman that sat on her armrest. This would normally lead to some kind of recrimination, but in this case the woman was carrying a baby, so any recrimination was impossible because of that thing called concience. In our defense we didn't give her a seat because, a) we had 6 hours of hiking ahead of us, b) she should buy a bus ticket, especially if she had a baby. Luckily somebody gave her a seat after a little while. However, this was not a good thing because she started breast feeding her baby with could only be described as the longest boob in the history of mankind. We realized of this when she fell sleep and we looked back to check on her, and instead we found her nipple peaking through the bottom of her shirt, below the bellybutton. Nice.

The ride itself was quite amazing ride only spoiled by probably the worst bus seats known to man (and the aforementioned poopy baby and saggy boob). They seem especially designed to make your butt fall sleep and make the ride as uncomfortable as possible. On the other hand, we´re pretty sure the chickens would trade place any time.

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photo by: latino28