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Gris, our friend from San Ignacio, gave us the name of a hostel in Posadas and since it billed itself as having a "chill out room" we decided to check it out. Turns out the hostel is run by four dudes, entrepreneurs, if you will who live there as well, but we had a great little room in our own part of the house.

We set about walking the city, to get some errands done. The city is nicely sized and pretty cool, so got all our errands done rather quickly and Emily even had time to do a little shopping. Finally some new clothes (well, just one new cool sweater but it made her sooo happy). While walking about doing some errands, we saw a miniature pony, which was smaller than Cassius (a large dog). Danilo thought it was a stuffed animal (sometimes there are large stuffed animals on sidewalks or in a park) and then it moved, and Danilo quickly freaked out. Very curious little creature, which creepily popped out in another part of town later. We think it was the devil`s pony. For dinner we headed over to a little restaurant/cafe that looked like nothing special. But oh it was special indeed. Meat! The most delicious, juicy, tender, soft meat we have had since we embarked on this journey. For Danilo, it was like a party in his mouth and he coudnĀ“t stop talking about it all night. Finish the night off with some ridiculously sweet cake and we are loving this totally affordable, completely amazing Argentine food.

The next morning, we did some more errands and then took a walk around the river. There was a great promenade along the river that offered great views and lots of playgrounds for kiddies. After being in huge Brazilian cities for so long, it was so nice to be in a smaller city that is walkable and friendly. After our walk, we headed back to the hostel to watch Mystic River. The movie was intense and a bit long although it was hard to pay attention because there were so many dudes all around us with their friends, talking loudly. Oh well, it was a cool hostel nonetheless. We went out again for a walk and dinner. Again, delicious delicious meat.

Posadas was a pleasant surprise of a city. We came here with the intent of getting a lot of business done and we did that while still being able to relax, shop, and eat delicious food. Well done Posadas, well done.

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