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We arrived to Paysandu because we spent most of our day at Salto eating and chilling in thermal baths. After this harsh living in the morning and afternoon we had to find a place to stay the night and it was harder than it would have seemed. The places were either full, a rip off, or quite unhelpful. Even at the place we arrived at night was the one of the most unfriendly receptionist we have seen in this trip, and it might have to do something with the fact that we are an unmarried couple of people travelling together, and the receptionist was an old woman. In fact, all the receptionists were old women, which was strange and probably did not help our cause, but we ended up with a nice room and a nice hotel, so things even out.

After we settled down we went to get some pizza and beer a block down the street. We also got some breakfast for the next day and continued our lazy streak by having breakfast in bed. When we finally got rolling we took care of business: laundry for a ridiculous amount of dirty clothes and buying our Montevideo bus tickets for the next day. In between we had lunch at a delicious place in the middle of town where we regained our trust in the meat of this area with milanesas (breaded veal cutlet),  D`s filled with ham and cheese and Em`s came with just fries. Delicious youth. Afterwards we took a walk on the port of the city, which was actually quite ugly and a bit smelly, but being at the riverfront is still liberating just because you have a lot of space to breathe, relax, and walk. And a little reality doesn`t hurt anybody. However, it was strange to see the contrast between the poor of the present and the rich of the past, how there were quasi-shantytowns a block away from beautiful ornate barroque buildings from the late 1800s and early 1900s. We eventually made our way back to our hotel after buying food goods for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. Lunch and breakfast for the next day since we will be mostly on buses, and dinner for the Chile-Argentina under 20 World Cup soccer game.

So Emily cooked a really nice meal while the game got underway and by the time she was done, the game was going downhill in a hurry. By the 15th minute, Chile was loosing 1-0 and a player was red carded. What was amazing though, was that the Chilean team was playing damn well and Argentina had scored on a nice play. However, the game would soon go downhill because the ref was feeling a bit insecure or a little too German. Thus the ref ejected the Chilean player when it could have gone either way, and for the rest of the game whenever a slight foul happen or somebody got too close to him he yellow carded them and this frenzied yellow card giving eventually led to another Chilean red card. The problem was that these are Latin 18 and 19 year old kids, so they are a bit more temperamental than Germans, meaning that they gesticulate, talk to refs, and want to know why calls are made. Since this particular German wasn`t loved by his mother growing up, he made the game about himself and gave yellow cards to the kids instead of just refing the game. Well that effectively ended the game before it started, although the scoreboard said 3-0 in the end, and it was too bad since Chile had every chance of winning the game. Danilo obviously lost his mind a bit, if can`t tell from the paragraph above and has sworn off soccer for a week. The players lost their mind a bit too and apparently 10 of them were apprehended by the police for not leaving the ref alone once the game anded. Bummer, but that`s soccer sometimes, bad refing.

The next morning we picked up our dirty clothes and sorted it at the Plaza the Armas (the plaza in the center of the city) under the curious scrutiny of a group of children on a field trip from school. Once we were done with that we left to the bus station where we got onto the bus for Montevideo. Our last long bus ride of the trip!

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