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Founding ourself in Flores my daughter and I on Christmas. Why not going into the jungle and see some fantastic Mayan Ruins for a holiday. The night before, Christmas eve we seen all the Christmas celebration. Fireworks all over town, 10 times more cars following a small christmas parade. Hollering and hoting all night long. It was my first CXentral american Christmas experience.

We got a early start and were one of the few people there when the park opened. Had my hiking boots on and was ready to spot at least 1 jaguar, which are known to live in the area. It was a gorgeous site and just amazing ruins. there are still steel mountain like tall hills that you know have ruins underneat.

They just still need to be unearthed. For some reason I keep slipping and am getting pretty frustrated with my boots. About 2 hours in the park . no jaguar yet and I slid down a rock. Trying to break my fall I land on my left wrist and ooch... it looks bad.  Police is called and they're going in a jeep to pull me outta there. By the entrance there's a doctor's office and he is putting a piece of wood and some bandage on me and the police is called to take me to the hospital. In a 4 door pick up the police to me on a 1 1/2 hour drive with my daughter to the hospital. What a service, totally for free. 

At the hospital I was asked to remove ALL of my clothes. For a broken wrist, I asked?? Si, hygiene, she said. That was pretty funny seeing dried blood on the bed that didn't have a cover on. They gived me a cover and a wheelchair and after removing my clothes I was wheeled out to the hallway. It was surely a eye opener to be in a 3 rd world country hospital. My daughter didn't leave my site to far. The whole hostital ordeal took 7 hours and we were dismissed without charge. 

Weeks later when back in the U.S. and I cut off the plaster I realized why it was so cheap. My hand was never reset and I was unable to bend and have a huge bump on it. They just put plaster on my hand and I healed just enough so it can be rebroken and reset with a plate and srews. It was a interesting Christmas and one i'll never forget. 

Dalmia says:
Holy crap! What a Christmas indeed.
Posted on: Nov 17, 2010
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