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At the end, this was mend to be. Only a bus ride away from Antiqua is the famous active vulcano, who constantly flows it's lava. Our first attempt to visit this volcano failed. they forgot to pick us up from the hotel. they were trying to make the excuse that we weren't ready but that didn't go over with me to well, since we;ve been waiting outside all this time. we had to stay 1 more day in town because we realy wanted to climb that volcano and we were well rewarded for being patient. Still the following days we ewre the last one's to be picked up and waited a half hour past the pick up time. There are 2 tours a day and the afternoon tour is the best because you see the lava glawing at night.  The hike is about 2 1/2 hours long. the first half is thru forest and at times steep.

30 minutes in the hike my 17 y.o. was in need of a horse. WQhat's up with these young punks, calling me a old man?? Once you are about half way the real fun starts. At that time you are starting to climb the real thing :)

As you put your feet in the ashes the winds are getting extremely strong. Extra trenght is needed here, but that is just the beginning. The last 20 or so minutes of the climb is over lava rocks of all sizes,on top of each other and very brittle. My first couple of steps I kept falling and with my arm just one week in the plaster, i was a little worried. Here the horses are of no help and my daughter is scared as hell. Fortunately the tour guide which i've been talking to most of the hike volunteered to help me out. The help that I needed was more with my daughter than for myself.

I was not able to help her so as he gracelious helped my girl I stuck my head down ans started marching forwards.

By complete supriced with surpassing the group in front of us, was I the first one up and recieved a few pads on my back. Once there it is so amazing the noice, smell and slowly rumbling down lava right next to you is just so fascinating. Marshmellows were being roasted and all were in awe and happy. Going back now and being totallt in the dark with only a requirerd flashlight in the hand is another story. we are going down not far from were we were going up but this time we are walking on nothing but ashes  so thick that it is impossible to stop your feet from sliding. I did the side stepping way and with each step you learn how to slide. after a few steps I got the hang of it and it was quite fun. this was a long day by the time we got back and it is draining but what a accomplicement and adventure. Loren Vowed never to do it again and how scary it was. i was just so proud that she made it all the way. this is a part of growing up and meeting and exceeding your challenges. This is not for the weak at heart but don't be afraid of going, I did it with one arm and the rewards will last you a lifetime.

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photo by: will62