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The town Panajachet is located right on lake Atitlan. Upon arriving in this town which is small but for it's size extremely popular and busy without being hectic, you will notice the the street which takes you to the lake is the happening plca and at night changes over to a vendors of all kind market of great food and self proclaimed artist. It is there where I bought my favorite hand crafted scorpio necklace which I wear very proudly. i was also the place that I saw these 2 ladies behind a small cart making the worlds best Ceviche, which had octopus, snails, scallops, shrimps, avocado and salsa among a few more ingredients in it. It peeked my interest since I am a seafood lover and had never seen it made with octopus, scallops and snails before.

Wow what a plesant suprise and living in Texas you would think they come close around here, no, there's no comparison.

Away from the main and fun street is the walkway along the lake. Safe to walk on with a great viev of the 3 surrounding volcanoes. these place is slow at night but has nice affordable restaurants with great views serving nice meals. here also are many vendors and great street food to find. the edge of the water is lined with boats that will take you around the lake but mostly will take you neighboring towns that also face this lake. There are about a half a dozen towns, one which is quite a bit of hippie holland style, so if smoking is your thing, you'll feel rirht at home. Even if it is not, i'll still advive you to take a day or so to convas out.

Each town has it's own personal charm.

Ok, Loren and I are ready to challenge ourself again after seeing a poster on a window advertising paragliding. with loren having a great fear of hights, I find it amazing that she is more than determined to do this without hesitation. Our pilot was a Canadian, totally chill out dude that came to pick us up. We drove about 45 minutes from town to what was a great spot to jump off. Well it's actually not jumping off. as you put your harness on and start running, the parachule is starting to lift off. Making it much harder for you to run and before to get to the edge of the cliff your parachule is lifting you off the groung and you are suddenly flying away off the cliff. What you feel at the monent you take off is unbelieveble.

It takes tou breath away and your heart has a calmness i've never experienced. There was no fear at all, just a feeling of awe, peace and beauty. for the first time you can feel what it would be like being a bird. We sailed for about 30 minutes and the landing was fun. Roger, the instructor Didn't want to take me at first since I was in a cast and was worried about if we would fall when landing. As we were landing I fell pursosely on my butt to prevent from falling on my broken arm and he made fun off me for falling. That from a guy that was worried about me :) He of course coukl take onlly one at the time so that left the other landed in his jeep whch we each drove back down the mounting to pick the other up. That was a added bonus and fun also.

We were here for about 4 days and I am very happy to experience this place. We are heading north to San Cristobal. New years eve wasn't the worlds best but it still beats being in your own town. Tomorrow we leave Guatemala with lots of great and fond memories. 

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photo by: Biedjee