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We laid my ship up in Hamilton, ON just before New Years. I had flights booked for Jan 6th, so i had a few days to do the xmas thing with family and get some immunizations and prepare to go. The morning of the 6th came quick. I left Sarnia in a blizzard and crossed into the US to get the airport in Detroit. After successfully negotiating the winter conditions and classic Detroit potholes large enough to swallow a car; I made it to Metro Airport. Soon I saw flashing lights behind me. I thought "How nice of the local police to welcome me with their fancy unmarked car" The officer was the strong silent type, not exactly friendly. He returned to the window and threw an envelope on my lap saying "the address is in there if you want to fight it" and left. $257 USD was the fine for my 11 mph over. Quite nice of him seeing the set fine is only $140 USD. I guess that is why I would need to "fight it".

After collecting my boarding pass I proceeded to security. They informed me that I had been selected for "additional screening" and I was ushered into a plexi-glass cage. This day was off to a fine start. After being thoroughly searched I headed for the plane thankful the search did not include lube and rubber gloves.

Arrival in Cancun was exactly what I expected. Long lines of impatient tourists and loud American "frat boys". I hopped on a shuttle which took me directly to Cuidad Cancun to the "Mayan Hostel." The hostel is decent, the atmosphere is good and the staff helpful. As normal, I took a quick walk around to orient myself to the area and find some beer. The night brought a collection of fellow travelers together to the rooftop patio where we passed the night drinking beer and having some laughs.

Cancun is a good starting point but it is expensive and full of tourists. On the upside it is easy to get around and many people speak english. i stayed a couple of days to attempt to strengthen my spanish before setting out on the rest of the trip.
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