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In the centre of Amposta we took a bus to Tortosa, a marvellous little town close to Delta de l'Ebre. Unfortunately i don't have any pictures of this because it had been a few days I had access to electricity to load my camera's battery. We explored the village a bit and also took a swim in one of the canals right in the centre. In the bus station we asked for directions but as we didn't speak Spanish it wasn't that easy. Never the less we had a Michelin map and showed it to some staff of the bus station. This made us get the right bus in the direction of Alfara di Carles. Our destination was Monte Caro and the closest village was Els Reguers, a typical Catalan town.

this is the gap we slept in.
I wonder if they had ever seen any foreigners over here. The bus ride was kinda crazy and superfast going up and down. I think it was the last ride of the day for the bus driver and that he wanted to go home to his family. Anyway we arrived without having broken any bones and looked for a place to put up our tent.

Some young teenagers were hanging out in the village and gave us directions in return for a lighter because they were smoking without their parents permission, quite funny. Eventually we went in the direction of Monte Caro but it was still not that close. We found a drybedded river full of vegetation and large stones. Hmm a perfect spot to put up our tent we thought. Really nobody was here, not a living soul as it was at the edge of the very little village. In the end we didn't put up our tent as we found a gap in the rocks, high enough to stand straight innit and a very good shelter in case of any rain. This would be our sleeping spot. We discovered the drybedded river was full of life: alot of insects, probably capricorns as well although we didn't see them but when it became dusk we saw some bushes moving. The night was so beautiful: a beautiful sky full of stars. I had never seen so many.

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this is the gap we slept in.
this is the gap we slept in.
els Reguers
photo by: Auditarchi