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Across Europe lies what is called the "Antibiotic border". South of the border in the Romantic countries (France, Spain, Italy, etc) antibiotic use is very high, while north of the border in the Germanic countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, etc) antibiotic use is halved. This provides a differential selective pressure for antibiotic resistance, and indeed in southern Europe 25% of Streptococcus pneumonia infections are antibiotic resistant, while in northern Europe only 5% are antibiotic resistant. In what may be no surprise to Belgians, this "Antibiotic border" runs straight through Belgium along the language border, with the Flemish having lower antibiotic use and resistance and the Walloons having higher antibiotic use and resistance. Exactly why is the cause for much arguments (are the Walloons overly demanding for medication? Or is it a relic of coal mining and industrial history giving more frequent lung infections in the south?), but it is interesting that in this, as in many other things, Belgium is divided.

bernard69 says:
The French are the champion of antibiotic use(after the Greeks) in Europe,but fortunately since 2002,there is a decrease of 25% and the Penicillin resistance of S.pneumoniaie which was 41 % in 2001 ,is now about 30% in France:there is some progress!But we are,still, the Worldchampion of....Psychoactiv drugs!!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2009
Adrian_Liston says:
It surely has to be a social attitude one way or another.
Posted on: Feb 15, 2009
azsalsa says:
The antibiotic division is quite interesting. No offense to the French, as I love France, but my French friends tell me that the French tend to be hypochondriacs (much like many Americans)so maybe it's just social conditioning that maintains the divisions.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
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