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We spent our Friday night having drinks at the Australian Embassy. I read somewhere that there are about 1000 Australians living in Belgium - about 5% showed up to have drinks. True Belgians would have been appalled at the way we drank the beer directly out of the bottles. We also got to comment on the lack of fresh milk in Belgium - 96.7% of all milk drunk in Belgium is UHT.

Since we were in the Australian embassy I thought I would pass on this very appropriate advice the Australian government has for those rare tourists intrepid enough to reach the shores of Flanders.

"When you are in Belgium, be aware that local laws and penalties, including ones that appear harsh by Australian standards, do apply to you."

"We advise you to exercise caution and monitor developments that might affect your safety in Belgium because of the risk of terrorist attack."

"Demonstrations frequently occur in Brussels, often aimed at Embassies, the European Union and NATO. You should monitor the media and other local information sources for information about possible demonstrations and avoid relevant areas. These protests can be large and can occasionally turn violent."

"Australians are advised to maintain a safe and legal distance when observing wildlife, including marine animals and birds."

Yes Ambassador, I am mocking you. We have to be so worried about the harsh laws, terrorism, violent demonstrations and the local wildlife in Belgium. Seriously? The wildlife? The three most venomous snakes in the world are common in Australia, and yet we have to be worried about local birds in Belgium? Are we meant to be wary of the Northern Shoveler, the Black Woodpecker or the Pochard? Good grief, no wonder nobody reads this rubbish.
lamadude says:
Leuven is home to some evil pigeons that could... fly in your face or something. And then you'll claim you weren't warned ;-)
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
keeweeset says:
Please, do be careful of those woodpeckers...those vicious little things...*snicker*
Posted on: Feb 28, 2009
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photo by: Vlindeke