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We flew into Cancun because the was the most reasonable flight tickets we couild find. Once upon arriving here, we hopped on a bus straight to Playa De Carmen. The bus station in Playa De Carmen is right in the center of town and just a block away from a very busy and touristy beach. we cruised around here for a couple of hours and hopped on the next bus to Tulum. Hoping to find a nicer, prettier and more peacefull place. We arrived in the center in the evening and had just enought time to get situated in a hotel, have a late night dinner and off course a few chats with fellow travelers. The next morning we hopped on a mini bus to take us to the beach, about a 30 minute ride.

Upon arriving I know we made the right decision. Gorgeous beaches with white sands, blue waters, palm trees and cabanas with the perfect views. Just a few miles up the road are the Tulum Mayan Ruins which were build right by the ocean which make this spot so spectacular and unique from other Mayan ruins that we saw later into our trip. The views with some of the buildings right by the water but build on a cliff are great to visiolize how they lived 4000 years ago.

From here we went to Belize and then to Guatemala which have their own blogs. Two weeks later we took the bus from Guatemala back into Mexico. Our first stopover was San Cristobal, a Colonial city with a lot of charm. We were on our way to Palenque and didn't schedule this city in our itenerary but having a few hours to kill we tool the opportunity to see as much as we could and I was impressed with this town.

There was a lot of foot traffic and the main sqaure was full of people. Nice charming buildings, cozy eateries and a true Mexican flavor in the air dominated this town. Glad we got to see this but wich I could have spend a night here to observe more. Back on the bus and on our way to Palenque.

Palenque is know for it's rustic ruins in the middle of the jungle. Some ruins are strikingly tall and massive in a open area, while others are located in the jungle. The area is very large and some ruins are yet to be discovered. I find out the hard way that you're not allowed to just wonder everywhere. I was stopped after wanting to go further than the path was going. A couple ahead of me was unnoticed and they took the opportunity to discover for themself. As for me, a park guide saw me and flagged me back.

The cource was getting to rought for me to continue anyway. That wrist in a cast does hinder sometimes. Staying within what you are allowed to see is well worth it. There are many overgrown ruins with tree roots growing all around them. Hearing howling monkeys in the background makes it a more interesting place.  Having sees that , there isn't much more to do or see around here so we will need to move forwards to what we tought at the time would be our final destination. A 12 hour bustrip to Cancun and a 30 minute boattrip to Isle Mueheres. The 12 hours turned into 16 and ooch, that's a long time on the bus. Arriving in the bus station, a taxi wants to charge us $10.00 for a trip too the dock. I refuse,, walk across the street and am stopped by another taxi which is happy to take me for 30 pesos, about $2.
50. Now we're talking. You constantly have too watch out, here in Mexico. Everyone is too happy to bend the truth, just to get their own benefit out of it. Taking the boat is a breeze and we arrive on this small and pretty island that was discovered by the pirates. The pirates kept their wives safe here, while they were out pirateering. At least so the story goes. This place has a lot of charm and we planned on spending our last 6 days of our vacation here. It's a small island and 3/4 of the water is not really accesable due to rock, heights or a marine. yet it is still wonderfull to walk around and see the beauty. Off course that makes the beautifull and accesible beach extremely populated. I feel like I and in a popular resort where it is nearly impossible to walk on the beach without stepping on someone's beach towel.
The streets here are small and the main street is full of shops and restaurants. Which has a great charm in the evenings. There are many great restaurants and lodging places asound here.  The hostal on this island is suppose to be the best in Mexico. I can't fully comment opn that, I wanted to stay here but the place is full. I did go back in the evening, they have a live band every night and this place is fun and hopping. The atmosphere is great, location, well, a gate opens right unto beachsand that takes you right to the beach. They are probobly right. This may be the best place to spend the night. As cozy as this island is, we long for something different.

Hollbox, a island a bit harder to reach as they tell us, is quite a bit less populated. The next day we are heading back to Cancun, to take a 3 1/2 hour bus ride and another 30 minute boat ride in order to arrive at a place we had taught we found earlier.

The bus ride is not as hard as they explained to us, I geuss it is just a little to long for those leazy sunseekers that come to Cancun and their adventure is the island we were earlier on. That i am thankfull for that as the bus is not even half full. that is the first good sign, the second is that the people on the bus are more locals than tourist. the boat to take should have been retired 20 years ago, but again that is what you get when it is not being overloaded with people. It is a bit harder to replace with a new one :) All those good signs bring us too this 20 mile long island with a population of 2000 people.  Walking of the boat and on our way to the main sqaure, where everything seem to happen is done in peace. Here, there are only a few commercial vehicles, a few mopets, golfcarts, bycicles and foot traffic and in charge of these roads.
We check into our hotel we found right on the square and can't wait so see the beack. The side  where we came unto the island is overgrown with trees and schrubs, we were told hat the beach was on the other side of the island, only about a mile awy from the boat dock and about 2 blocks from our hotel.I did read in the Lonely Planet book that the water was not as clear and nice, since this island is located in the Mexican Gulf and not the Caribean side. That may steer away some tourist, but I keep open minded. Walking on the beach it is hard for me to see the difference in water cleariness. True the color is not as blue, it is a little different in color but not in away way bad at all. This is as clear as you can get it.  This is the island we were searching for.
Quite, beautifull, long stretches of beach without hardly anyone on. This is why wer don't settle, why we don't make reservations. If I don't really like where I landed Then I don't waste any time to move on to the next place in the hopes to find something better. Today is monday and we still have untill friday before we have to leave. I always try to relax and enjoy just one place for a few days before I have to head back home, and this will surely put me where in need to be. 


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