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Through the clouds.

This morning it was raining cats and dogs in Ronda and temperature was below 10 degrees. We therefore decided to abandon our plans to visit Gibraltar and headed straight for Malaga, where our plane would leave this evening. We crossed a long and winding road through the mountains here a speed of more than 60km per hour was rarely possible. There were beautiful views and at times we drove straight through the low hanging clouds.


We arrived in Malaga around noon.

Roman Theatre, Malaga.
Having been in Malaga before, two years ago, I knew that there was not a lot of interesting things here, unless you like Picasso (which we don't). And especially on a drizzling Sunday afternoon, with all of the shops closed, there's nothing much to do and no one to do it to in Malaga. So after a cup of coffee near the parking we picked a few dry moments to stroll past the Roman theatre and the Paseo del Parque. Here and there we came across little stands that seemed to be part of a cultural festival taking place in Malaga.


After lunch I dropped the rest off in a pub near the parking while I walked a few doors down to a Cybercafé. Finally I was able to upload some pictures and the blog of the last three days on a proper online connection at a very proper fee (€1.

Malaga's Cathedral with an unfinished tower.
50 per hour). Around four we headed for the airport, returned the car and then the most tedious way to waste precious lifetime began: waiting at airports. 


We had to wait in like at the Transavia check-in desk for almost an hour after it opened. Trying not to get too excited I simply buried myself in my Dalai Lama book but finished it before it was our turn. I survived the last 15 minutes with some uplifting Spock’s Beard on my new iPod. Security check, shopping center to get Mark a new bottle of Licor 43 (he’s really hooked on the stuff by now), ridiculously expensive Haagen-Dazs icecream  and at a quarter past eight we were flying high towards the north. The flight was good but we missed the shuttle bus to the hotel by a few minutes, having to wait for half an hour. Dad thought it was a good idea that I drove home from the hotel’s parking lot. I knew the way best and he seemingly had gotten used to be driven around in the past 11 days. ;-)


At half past 2 in the night I closed my front door behind me. Home sweet home, where a berserk cat was waiting for me and a note from Judith, who’d been so kind to take care of Gringo, told me that the little furry guy did not want me to go on vacation anymore. I gave it a thought for a second or two … hell no! I had two more trips coming up this year. Bring ‘em on!

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Through the clouds.
Through the clouds.
Roman Theatre, Malaga.
Roman Theatre, Malaga.
Malagas Cathedral with an unfinis…
Malaga's Cathedral with an unfini…
I hope thats not our shuttle bus.
I hope that's not our shuttle bus.
Song and dance at Paseo del Parque…
Song and dance at Paseo del Parqu…
photo by: missmzungu