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"I may, take a holiday in Spain
Leave my wings behind me" - Counting Crows & Blof

Now, this one was going to be something different ... My parents had their 40th anniversary last year in October and had originally planned to take the family on a 1-2 week. However, since I had just returned from my excellent journey through Ladakh it wasn't really the most optimal time to ask for another vacation at the office. So we opted for a trip in April 2009 instead. The destination we decided upon was Spain's southern region of Andalucia, with seemingly excellent cities like Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla.

Always the travel addict, I was really looking forward to this one.

Still, as mentioned it was going to be 'something completely different', to quote Monthy Python. It's been more than 20 years since I went on a holiday with my parents, not counting a short visit to London during their 25th anniversary. Back in the eighties I was sharing a tent with my younger brother Mark at some camping site in France. At that time I would have preferred to be out with my friends, instead of hanging out with mom and dad and the relationship with my bro was edgy to say the least. I remember kicking him out of the tent once because I thought he'd stolen my sleeping bag, only to find out later that I was lying on top of it. Poor guy. Now I'd be sharing a hotel room with him ... I do hope he's forgotten about that sleeping bag incident and won't find myself locked out some evening.

I normally do a lot of prior reading when I go on a trip but I simply didn't have the time in the weeks leading up to our departure. I was already absorbed by planning the Laos trip later this year, not to mention a lot of business activities that claimed a lot of my leisure time. As such I was really welcoming the distraction of this trip. The first quarter of 2009 had been stressful to say the least, both for business and private reasons. I really needed the break and some sun and culture to take my mind of things. We'd be flying from Amsterdam to Malaga rather early so as usual I had booked a room at the Van der Valk A4 hotel, enabling us to leave the car parked at little costs. When dad came over a week before we'd leave he had this weird look on his face and when he said 'I've got a bit of bad news', I feared the worst. Fortunately it was nothing extremely shocking, although the news that we had an incredibly early flight at 5:30 was inconvenient to say the least. This would result in a slight change of plans, leaving for the hotel as soon as the rush hour had passed and trying to get some sleep before we'd had to get up again for a ridiculously early check-in.

The start of this trip was far from optimal. I had some deadlines to meet at work but unfortunately was depending on someone to deliver some documents, which only arrived at four in the afternoon. This resulted in the necessity to continue work up to 7 PM, when we left for the airport. I found myself having to hand over some of the work to a colleague, which made me feel far from comfortable when we drove up to Schiphol.

The drive was uneventful and having checked into the 4 person room at the Van der Valk A4 we went down to the bar for one last beer, hitting the sack around 10 PM. Taking into account that we had to get up at half past 3, some sleep was highly needed and very welcome after such a stressful day. And seemingly it's always at these moments that some higher force is not allowing you your sleep. A bunch of English teenagers kept running up and down the hall and banging on the doors. Damn bastards even had my mother so pissed of that she went out and made it clear that we were trying to get some rest. Not that this helped of course, at least not for long, as I had expected. I eventually used my earplugs but by that time it was well past midnight.

cneoridium says:
This is a well done blog....
Posted on: Jun 21, 2009
Chiquitatina says:
Thanks for posting - I'm following a similar route this summer. Your insights are very helpful.

Posted on: Apr 27, 2009
Bulldog1up says:
Nice feature,caongrats!
Posted on: Apr 24, 2009
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