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It was a bit hectic our sudden departure from asia.. and sad aswell. I could feel it in my bones when I sat in  the plane that I would miss it and that I really wasnt ready to leave yet. But a whole new continent was waiting. Australia! Crikey! And this was going to be a really hectic arrival.

 We got our first impression before we even was on the ground. Half an hour before we landed they started to show a video about all the things we werent allowed to bring into the country and started to get a bit scared. Something in my gut told me that it wasnt going to be as easy getting into Australia than it was getting into Thailand. So the first thing we did when we got off the plane was rush to the toilet and throw out every piece of gum and candy we had on us.

. We werent sure we were allowed to bring this with us.

So now we felt a bit more relaxed.. No food, no water, no wood no nothing they could stop us for. The rest of the plane were already standing in line to the immigration but it seemed to go pretty fast. Maybe our worries were stupid and soon we started to feel a bit confident. That was stupid. When it was our turn (we stood in two different lines right next to each other) the lady and man looked at us, at our passport then looked at us again and started to ask us questions.. Questions like.. Where are you going to stay? How much cash do you have with you? Did you speak with any Thais? Has anybody asked you to carry something for them? And the last question.. Are you travelling with that girl over there? The mean looking lady pointed at my friend and we were both escorted over to a couch.

WHAT was happening. We are two blonde very short girls.. how could they think this about us. So we sat there for about 20 minutes maybe more.. all alone and too afraid to say anything to each other while looking over at the group of men talking about us. When they finally came over and talked to us they started with all their questions again. I had to show our plan for our journey. They were suspicious since we've planned our trip for so long. Hopefully one of the younger men started to believe us and said something to the others and they let us go.

Puh that was a rough one and something we hadnt seen coming. Yeah we might've looked a bit messy. You do look messy after an 8 hour plane trip. But I would not say we look like drugtrafficers but maybe we do look a bit blue eyed so they had to check us.

And they kept an eye on us all the way out of melbourne airport. If that wasnt enough.. The minute we stepped out happy to be let out on australia land a cold air blew under us. It was freezing. We just left 35 degrees in bangkok and got 14 degrees in Melbourne. I dont think we ever hurried so much so get into the airport shuttle bus. We cuddled up and were glad it was a bit hotter in there. The bus started and slowly we moved away from the airport and got into the city. Slowly Asia, the "Airport Incident", the cold disappeared and Australia and Melbourne showed its face. Very different from motobike madness and tuk tuk hell.

We got a whole new surprise when we stopped in Melbourne. We felt adventurous again and couldnt wait to find a hostel and drop our bags.. Our problem now just was that we hadnt booked ahead.. Something we didnt have to do in Vietnam cause there was a hotel on every corner.. Not so much with the hostels and the few there were.. they were fully booked. But after an hour we finally found one. Exhausted we carried our tired bodies out to find food. oh sweet food. Ran into a couple of our friends from school in denmark but finally crashed after being in the cool air and having such a wild afternoon..

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LOVE this sign.
LOVE this sign.
photo by: jendara