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     Well, it was that time of year when Kerry and I (especially me) get antsy about our next vacation and the thought of not going anywhere for a period of time was driving me crazy. We had finally decided that we thought that 7 to 10 days in London sounded like great fun. We even found an amazing deal on a hotel room in London, 9 days for like  400 or 500 dollars. Of course on closer inspection we discovered that there were 9 floors in the hotel room and there was 1, did you get that ONE bathroom per floor with 30-32 rooms to share that ONE bathroom. So here's a valuable lesson learned if it sounds to good to be true in London it probably is, lol. Anyway we had decided we wanted to go to London when we got this e-mail from our friend Tom from Ireland. We had just seen Tom in Sept 03 when we were on vacation in Ireland and watched him perform. He was organizing a cruise of people that he had met thru his travels to go on a Carribean cruise together and every evening we would have our own private traditional Irish music session.  Kerry and I thought about it for about a minute and decided that London wasn't going anywhere and this cruise sounded really cool and fun. So we booked our cabin and waited the 3 months to leave.

     The 3 months went pretty fast and the next thing I knew Kerry was picking me up to head to Pittsburgh to get our hotel room for the night as our flight left at an obnoxiously early time in the morning.  Of course in true Kerry and Suzi's amazing adventures we weren't even out of my hometown when some ass backed his van into Kerry's car in a parking lot and then proceeded to argue that there was no way that his van had left those marks on Kerry's car. Evidenlty it was a miracle that over a 1 minute period Kerry's car had changed color from a silver color to a silver color blended in with brown scratch marks that amazinly matched this asshole's van color. So we got into a verbal spar and he finally forked over his insurance card that he must have just had for show because of course he didn't really have insurance. So that was how our vacation started out. I have to say that it did get much, much better from there tho and the rest of the  trip to Pittsburgh was pleasantly uneventful.                                                                                                                    

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photo by: diisha392