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i keep meeting more and more londoners from all over the world, each one pretty much amazing-i love the diversity here. i've made friends with several guys from scotland, all fun with these amazing accents and crazy stories. last friday this travel company shoestring threw this crazy amazing free themed party with free alcohol and good music-met some twins and their friends from scotland...i believe they made fun of how us californians say EVERYTHING but its all good we had fun.

saturday was waitangi day, which is basically new zealand day. the obvious way to spend our day was to tag along on their pub crawl across the city, where thousands of aussies and kiwis get trashed and 'tube surf' to various pubs off the circle line on the tube. we met some crazy (seriously) but awesome ones at the shepherd's bush walkabout-if you've never been to this place, just think rave with lots of australians...i believe i got stepped on and pushed about 200 times but it was well worth it. one mf my new favorite drinks has to be a smakebite, which is fosters, cider, and something kinda like grenadine-i'm definitely gonna try to bring it back to the states.

sunday was even more cultural craziness as it was the chinese new year. it seemed like all of london came out to celebrate at leicester square and china town, which parades, demonstrations, and food to feed an army AND their opposition. the fireworks were even cool in the dayligt; spinning from posts and flaring fromthe ground, although i began to understand why london catches on fire so often doing stunts like this under trees in city squares.

valentine's day was lots of champagne, crackers, and sweets, mostly thanks to our lovely cook beth. then of course was the club. today came stonehenge and salisbury-absolutely LOVED them both. the history of how stonehenge was built is unbelievable and the city is gorgeous and so picturesque-we got to see this old cathedral and the original magna carta...huge piece of history for this country, and even ours as our constitution is based off of it. i'm about to get ready to head out to a club right now, although it's weird going out so early...the clubs may run late, but entrance goes up the later you are, and the night busses are hard enough to figure out after a few drinks, let alone completely sober, although i'm immensely grateful for this public transportation and not having to worry about who drives on nights out (which is 5-6 days a week here for us).

i miss you all back home but i'm having a blast-wish you guys could come visit. i'm heading to dublin next weekend for brett's 21st, then prague for spring break, granada for easter break, possibly scotland in april, then germany, austria, italy, netherlands, france, and belgium.
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photo by: ulysses