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Hey ya'll its christine-i havent posted anything yet about my trip to london, but so far its been a blast and entailed lots of shopping in cheap (relatively lol) stores on oxford and kensingtone high street, checking out clubs on picadily circus (kinda like times square), and going to local pubs and museums, which are all free, and meeting cool guys with british accents. i haven't slept enough due to the urge to have fun instead, and have developed a bit of a cold, which is easy to spread when you live in a small apartment building with 50 people. before this i went to paris and belgium, both amazing places. to kinda give you a picture of life here though...

this morning i went to the geffry museum near liverpool station with my class, then about 6 of my friends and i went to chinatown for some real chinese food, where the server checked three of rachel's id's and had her sign twice when she paid with her credit card-you dont really have to tip here . last night it was V and micheal's birthdays, so we went to a local pub to celebrate. my favorite beer here is the 1664 kronenburg. haha i dont drink or eat much here though cuz everythings so expensive and i wont be able to travel if i eat out and stuff; you buy a 4 pound pint of ben and jerry's ice cream, you've really just spent $8 US dollars which is a tad depressing-the chinese food was the first meal ive had that wasnt from the grocery store, although we did have carne asada night on sunday(so much fun and so delicious-beth and justine can really cook)because we all miss mexican food and their mexican is horrible here (so ive heard).

on friday night we went to this university of london party thingy (they have a pub/hangout area at the school union), which ended up being over 50% of our people and kids from NYU also here with AIFS,but i met this really cool guy who's originally from scotland, and we might adventure around london sometime soon which should be fun. on a side note, at all the tube stations, they have people distributing magazine/newspaper things for free daily with all the latest news and celeb gossip which is kinda cool. for example, today i learned the stock market had its biggest crash since 9/11 yesterday due to them panicking about the US going into a recession, Keira Knightly may be up for an Oscar, and school children in the bad area of London laughed last week when they saw a 17 year old boy being stabbed by a gang member...horrible but true

people here tend to be slightly less friendly on first appearance, but this is mostly because they are more shy and reserved-you don't just strike up a random conversation with someone in the grocery store (which is weird to me since i like talking to people when i'm bored), and its polite to not really talk on the tube, although they seem to get louder at night as people are making their way back home after a few pints of their favorite ale. we've met a lot of americans who are studying here...most of them seem to be living in kensington like us. this morning on the tube i met these four australians because they had contiki tags on their bags, and that's the travel company we might be using to go to greece or italy-they were way cool and really friendly as are all the australians i've ever met. there's so many places i want to travel to but i can't get to them all with the money i have...oh well just means i'll have to come back...i can live with that!
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