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My god it’s sunny!  This was such a painful wake-up, so quickly grabbed my last Tim Horton’s coffee.  Farewelled Kristin and Mel who had kindly given me a lift in to Toronto (well, Mel was pretty much asleep on the back seat)

In my rushed packing effort, I had accidentally left the nail file and leatherman in the toiletries bag in my carry on luggage (not wise on the way to New York!) so I had to check that bag in too.

So I left from terminal 2 and had a free seat next to me, so no meaningless chit-chat there, thankfully since I was really not in a state for it and it was a quick 90 minute or so flight. Arrived at Laguardia jumped on a super shuttle to the ‘Big Apple Hostel’.

Ended up getting there at 11:30 a.m. I remember noticing from the shuttle a sign that said ‘no honking, fine of $??’, I couldn’t believe they’d fine that.

Now I knew that there was a Yankees game on at about 1ish, so I dumped my gear and grabbed a subway ticket to 161st street to join the Sunday (father’s day, why is it different to ours?) crowd for St Louis vs the Yankees.

Rocked up and there were no tickets so I had to grab a scalper and pay $20 for $10 bleachers tickets.  Bought a souveneir Yankees hat from the ground.  Tried to walk in with my backpack on but security is pretty tight at stadiums now, so I had to check my bag in to a locker over at Ball Park lane (doh, left my camera in the bag!).  Then just sat back on the hard wooden seats for a pretty average game which the Yankees won 5-2.

  Still it was amusing to see the ground crew sweeping the field while doing the YMCA dance, and it really hit me that I was in New York as they played Franky Sinatra belting out ‘New york, New York’ at the end of the game.  It is an incredible stadium though.

Caught the subway back to the hostel, it’s hard not to people watch on the subway, you can tell that not many people make eye contact though.  After my early morning I needed sleep badly, so I hit the bed for an hour or so then woke up to go wander Times Square. 

Times square at night is something else, so many neon signs, guys on the pavement with blankets filled with handbags (there’s so many of these).  It really is hard to do justice.

I wandered around for a few hours without doing anything in particular, just taking it all in.  Then back to the hostel for some much-needed sleep.

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New York
photo by: herman_munster