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Next morning was time for a bit of a sleep in, but got up at 10 or so and packed up my gear.  Paid the hostel the $5 so I could stow my gear for the day and use showers etc. then wandered down to Waikiki for a swim.  Water was perfect! Clear and warm, the only downside is the rocks once you get out any kind of distance.  The waves were definitely set up for learning to surf rather than body-surfing.  In the arvo caught a bus up to Diamond-Head crater and hiked up to the top before returning home.   Ran in to a couple  from Wisconsin on the bus and managed to convince some more people we don’t drink Fosters.  Relaxed for an hour or so with a Budweiser, sitting on a stool at the airport bar watching some baseball…..how American am I!

I sat next to a guy on the plane who was 50ish and lived up in northern Canada (Inuit?) where it gets down to -40 degrees C or so.  He’d been playing Carribean stud poker in Star City, Sydney a few days earlier.  Bought me a scotch and dry so he’s a good bloke!  Sat back and watched Daredevil, didn’t really sleep though.  Caught a glimpse of the Rockies on the way in.

Managed to score an exit row seat on the way to Toronto, found out that Air Canada could potentially go on strike that night so I timed my trip well!

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photo by: mrgishi