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Well the first leg of the journey saw me safely through to Hawaii. The flight wasn’t too bad, entertained us with the film feast ‘Two Week Notice, ‘The Emporer’s Club’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s (have to check if that’s why Mum & Jane call each other Fred!)  Sat next to a Canadian couple in their 50s called Fred & Teresa (middle eisle, right hand side, literally in front of the TV) Their son moved to Sydney , and is running a popcorn stall in East Garden shopping centre.  He married Aussie women’s ironman champ, Jodie something or rather…  managed to escape SARS bearing woman (well probable anyway!) when she was moved further moved further forward in the plane after a coughing fit.

Anyway…..rocked in to Honolulu airport at about 11:30ish on 28/5, can’t quite get over arriving the day I left but that’s how it is.  Honolulu aiport was fairly unimpressive, they managed to let about half the plane get to the customs desk before telling us we needed to fill out a green visa waiver (Doh! Even Aussies, I thought everyone just loved and trusted us!)  Grabbed a shuttle bus from the airport after managing to convince the driver that my hostel does exist (didn’t bode well). But I rocked up and the internet booking had worked out fine. The two receptionist dudes (one that night, one the next morning) looked exactly the same, except the morning guy had a massive goat beard that reminded me of goat-man off Sat. night live.  I had questioned if I could really have not noticed that beard the previous night.

The hostel room was fine, but damn humid.  Time for some good ole’ McPherson sweating (lucky the hostel provides free sheets).  Hostel room fits 12 people all up, basically split in to 3 smaller rooms within that room

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photo by: Sunflower300