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so I went home for the holidays I got a bit homesick and needed to get an LA recharge or else I would burst. It was a long flight and it was nearly unbearable I have an inability to sleep on planes. It's not big deal though because I was going home. I hurt my knee a while back and I hurt it while on the plane trying to get to my seat. It was horrible, I'm tall I need more leg room. Finally when I arrive in LA I knew I was home because the minute I got off the plane I hear these two Hispanic ladies talking about family issues while waiting for everyone to get out of the plane. It was so refreshing. Then just when I think I'm close to the exit I approach US customs which has got to be the most grueling things ever. You can't hide anything from them, and they had serious faces. I was thinking wtf man you're among the first people see when they come to the US and you have a face that looks as if you're smelling shit. That really pissed me off, if any of you readers ever go to the US don't judge Americans off the impressions that US customs agents give you. I swear I thought it would just be easier to jump the border to get to the US anything to avoid US customs. I'm all for the safety of the US but c'mon a smile doesn't kill anyone! If anyone was going to bomb LA, US customs might actually ignite it with their shitty attitudes a smile can actually dismantle a terrorist you know I truley believe in that power. Anyway I made it home and it was fun, and now i'm back in Florence.
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